Easy breakfast ideas for busy mornings

Today we decided to take a look at the quickest and easiest breakfast ideas for those in a rush. 


Avocado Toast 

All you need is a slice of bread and ripe avocado. Yes, it's that easy! And to make the toast extra special you can add eggs, bacon, fish, veggies, cottage cheese- anything you like! This way you'll have different toast every day!

Egg and veggies mini muffins

This one is such an amazing time saver! Just mix eggs with your favorite toppings and you'll have breakfast, lunch, snack or dinner! This dish should be in your 'go-to' list. 

French Toast

Oh yes! This one wins the breakfast game! If you're more of a sweet tooth make the classic toast with cinnamon and top it with berries. If you're into savoury toasts prepare your toast with eggs, bacon, salmon or avocado (avocado toast again!). 

Bowl of granola

Well, actually this one just might be the winner of breakfast Olympics! Every house has some granola stored somewhere in the cabinets- would it be healthy or not so healthy. Pour yogurt or milk add some fruits or berries and your meal is ready! 


What's your favorite quick and easy breakfast meal? Share it in the comments!



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