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June 10, 2020 2 min read

Anyone telling you that eggs for breakfast are a boring choice hasn't tried coddled eggs. They are easy to make, can be eaten with bacon and cheese or on their own, and garnished with almost any fresh herbs you'll have in your kitchen.

You may also be asking "What is a coddled egg?". The answer to that question is a little more obvious than you think. Coddled eggs are simply eggs that have "coddled" inside of something while cooking.

So toast the bread, grab a pack of eggs and a set of ceramic ramekin dishes, and follow this recipe to learn how to make coddled eggs. 


Coddled egg vs. poached egg: what's the difference?

When you heard the term Coddled eggs, you wouldn't be alone if you started worrying. Poached eggs and coddled eggs sound exotic and difficult, but in reality, coddled eggs are something that even the most novice of cooks can take on.

Poached eggs are truly an art form. They are cooked by dropping eggs into water or broth that is boiling at a precise temperature for a precise amount of time.

Coddled eggs, on the other hand, are placed in some sort of dish that "coddles" them and that dish is surrounded by water. Protecting them inside of another dish, makes them cook a little slower so that your cooking time is a little longer.

The other major difference between a coddled egg and a poached egg is that you can add seasonings and other ingredients to a coddled egg, whereas a poached egg has to be cooked without any additives.

Coddled eggs takeaway

Now that you know how to coddle an egg, whether you are a novice or know your way around a kitchen, this coddled egg recipe will be a great addition to your breakfast menu and is sure to impress anyone that thinks eggs are boring!

If you have been inspired to really up your egg cooking skills, check out this Guide for Cooking Eggs in Cast Iron Skillets and Pans.

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