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October 28, 2020 3 min read

Any chef worth their salt knows exactly how versatile and useful the simple Dutch oven can be, but have you ever thought about cooking up a Dutch oven pizza?

Yes, with the help of a camping Dutch ovenyou can prepare a delightfully fresh homemade pizza that’s topped with all of your favorite pizza ingredients (you can even add pineapple if that’s how you roll!).

This is a recipe that could even be taken out into the backwoods for a campfire pizza cooking session. Keep reading to learn how to make Dutch oven pizza!



  • Camping Dutch oven*
  • Electric mixer with a whisk attachment
  • Food processor
  • Rolling pin
  • Chopping board
  • Pizza parchment paper
  • Cheese grater
  • Pizza cutter

Dutch oven pizza recipe FAQ and tips

Can I make Dutch oven pizza in a campfire?

One of the best things about Dutch ovens is their versatility, and this is a recipe that you can quite easily replicate for a pizza camp session!

However, there are a few key differences that you’ll need to incorporate into the menu. First of all, it’s not wise to cook with an enameled Dutch oven in the campfire. For this, you need a hardy and durable cast iron Dutch oven. This is the classic, traditional Dutch oven, and it works well as a camping pizza oven because there’s no enamel to chip off.

Campfire pizza recipes are best prepared partly in advance, too. It’s up to you, of course, but you can prepare your dough at home and have all your ingredients ready to go when you arrive for a much easier camping pizza recipe. 

When your Dutch oven pizza camping recipe is prepared, simply place your Dutch oven directly into the campfire coals with the lid on (leave a small gap for the steam to escape). Leave the pizza to bake for around 30 minutes before removing from the fire. 

You can cook up classic pizza recipes in the woods, or you could even bring along the eggs and hash browns for a hearty Dutch oven breakfast pizza to get you set up for a day of hiking!

Can I make Dutch oven pizza dough by hand?

If you don’t have an electric mixer or a food processor, then don’t fear, because you can still prepare your Dutch oven pizza dough by hand!

Yes, it takes a little more time and a lot more effort on your part, but it’s definitely possible. After all, before electric mixers came along, every pizza had to be made by hand. 

Instead of an electric mix, you can whisk the ingredients by hand in a large mixing bowl. You’ll need to be thorough and take your time to get a similar consistency. You can use your hands too, to get all the ingredients well-combined as you pour in the water and olive oil. You’ll be able to feel the dough as it becomes springy. 

As for the sauce, you’ll simply need to whisk everything up in a large bowl. Keep whisking until you run out of muscle power! It won’t be quite as smooth a sauce as if you’re doing it by hand, however, as it’s impossible to get out all of the lumps without a food processor. It will be authentic, though!

That’s it for our Dutch oven pizza recipe!

Dutch ovens really are incredible, yet simple, pieces of kitchenware. Who would have thought that you could bake up such fresh pizzas in a Dutch oven?

Why not save our Dutch oven pizza recipe for your next pizza evening or camping trip?

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