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Ceramic Canister Set For Coffee, Tea, Sugar

Get organized with Uno Casa ceramic kitchen canisters. It comes in three for tea, coffee and sugar, or for whatever your heart wants to store there. (We won't tell your kids about cookies.) Each piece holds up to 28 oz (3.5 cups), and you can use them separately or stack them together to save space. Each canister also has a natural bamboo lid with a silicone seal that keeps food fresh for longer and protects it from humidity.
  • 3.8 in x 13.5 in ceramic canisters, each piece holding 28 oz (3.5 cups)
  • Made from high-quality chip-resistant ceramics
  • Can be used separately or stacked together to save space
  • Comes with airtight lids to protect your food

Forget chips and cracks

Uno Casa kitchen canisters are made from heavy-duty ceramics. It doesn’t chip or crack, so you’ll be able to store your kitchen goods in this eye-catching set for much longer. However, as with any other Uno Casa dishes, we still advise you to handle it with care and love.