Portion Control Serving Bowls

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Promote healthy eating habits
Portion control ceramic bowls so you can eat your favorite food in healthy serving sizes. Enjoy your dessert and favorite carbs like rice, noodle soup and pasta in a mini bowl so you don't have to worry about overeating!

Prepare healthy meals with ease!
Uniform portion size takes the guesswork out of meal preparation so you can serve food straight from the freezer or oven. Each portable bowl comes with a matching spoon so mixing and eating is hassle-free! Enjoy your onion salad, fruit, miso soup or cereal with ease.

Make eating fun and easy!
Portion control bowls come in small, easy-to-hold size so eating is easy and fun for kids. The vibrant color combination and beautiful design is perfect for your next party or catering event. Serve popcorn, chip and dip, ice cream sundae and dessert in style!

Keep your kitchen clean and clutter free!
Use the stainless steel rack to stack bowls together with the matching spoon set so you don't have to misplace anything. These deep bowls are great as a space-saving gift for any occasion.