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Pour-Over Coffee Maker


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ARRIVES   27 Feb - 1 Mar, 2021

In Stock

ARRIVES   27 Feb - 1 Mar, 2021







Better Control Over the Brewing Process

Whether you prefer a lighter brew or a full-bodied, dark cup of coffee, this pour-over coffee kit allows you to adjust the water temperature, pour, and brewing time. This is a surefire way to create the coffee you want, every single time!


Professional Grade Materials

Constructed from non-porous glass and high-grade stainless steel, this glass coffee maker doesn't absorb odors or flavors from anything else. There is no compromise on flavor, every brew is as pure as the last.



The stainless steel filter is not only durable, it is also washable and reusable, which means no more single-use paper filters. Be more eco-conscious and create less waste with this coffee maker!


Easy to Use and Maintain

It is easy to clean the Uno Casa coffee pour-over kit, and to use it. Simply follow the included guide and you will soon be making delicious, barista-quality coffee in your kitchen!



Pour-over coffee makers offer the flexibility to make different types of coffee. A single cup pour-over coffee maker is ideal for making espresso (just use less water!) or Americano coffee, and you can use the coffee you've brewed to make delicious cappuccinos, ristrettos, lattes, and macchiatos. You'll never need another type of coffee maker again!



Here’s how, i graduated from coffee machine to a glass pour over coffee maker by @unocasahome my coffee was full of flavor and it was super easy to use. Didn’t need paper filters, the silicone heat resistant sleeve and design made for easy pouring once my coffee was ready !



With its sleek design and silicone sleeve to protect your hands with an added lid to keep your coffee brewed, it's the perfect little added touch to your morning (in my case, also afternoon) cup of joe.



I use @unocasahome Glass Pour Over Coffee Maker to prepare delicious coffee in the fastest way. It has heat silicone resistant pad and sleeve to protect your hands from heat.

what's New

What's Included


    1 x Uno Casa glass pour-over coffee maker

    Material: borosilicate glass

    Capacity: 34 oz, 4 cups

    Dimensions: 4.75 x 7.9 in

    1 x permanent stainless steel filter. The reusable stainless steel filter means there is no need for a paper filter each time you brew coffee using the pour-over coffee method.

    1 x borosilicate glass lid. The pour-over coffee pot and the lid are constructed from non-porous borosilicate glass with a protective heat resistant silicone sleeve. It will not absorb or retain odors or flavors.

    1 x digital coffee guide. If you're new to making pour-over coffee, this coffee maker is exactly what you need! This guide will walk you through how to create the most delicious pour-over coffee every time!

How the Product Works


    Pour-over brewers love this slow drip coffee maker! But it's not just for the professionals, it's for all coffee lovers. You'll be surprised that it's not difficult to learn how to make the best pour-over coffee. It is so simple; this could even be the best dripper for beginners!

    This is how to use a pour-over coffee maker:

    Step 1: Grind your coffee beans. For pour-over coffee, we recommend a medium grind to begin with, especially when using a stainless steel filter, but you may wish to vary this according to your personal taste as you experiment further with your pour-over coffee machine.

    Even if you know how to pour-over coffee, and you're using the best pour-over coffee dripper, no single factor has a greater impact on your final cup than the initial grind. A coarser grind will require a longer time brewing to reach full strength. Finer ground coffee will brew more quickly, but depending on your filter, it may leave you with grounds at the bottom of your cup.

    Step 2: Measure out your coffee grounds and water. The amount you'll need depends on the coffee maker you're using. A single cup coffee dripper will need less than a larger multi-cup coffee maker. Consider the desired strength - a higher ratio of ground coffee to water would give a more potent brew. Differently shaped pour-over coffee makers will result in different brewing characteristics.

    Step 3: Heat your water. Pour-over coffee makers don't heat their own water as an automated coffee dripper does, so you'll need a kettle or other heating method for this step. Ideally, use a kettle with a built-in thermometer, which allows you to monitor for the precise temperature you need.

    Step 4: Wet your coffee grounds. Before pouring the heated water through your coffee dripper, you need to pre-wet the grounds. Whether you're using a paper or stainless steel filter, this step is crucial as it allows the water from the main pour to circulate freely throughout all the grounds, rather than pouring straight through the middle.

    Step 5: Continue pouring to produce your brew. The brew will vary according to the speed of the pour. The slower the pour through the pour-over coffee brewer, the richer and more potent the final product will be. Your pour-over coffee maker's size will also affect the strength, depending on how much space the grounds have to circulate within the water.

    Step 6: Enjoy your cup of coffee and experiment further! Making pour-over coffee is an art. The best coffee pour-over results come from figuring out your personal preferences regarding the type of coffee beans you use, how finely you grind the beans, and the speed at which it is poured.

What's included


Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
I like it

Nice and easy to use with good results the only problem is that the lid doesn’t fit very well.


Great Carafe! Good quality and easy to clean!


as of 2/8 i have not received the two items i ordered.

So easy to use and fancy!

Love It!

Love my coffee maker!

I was gifted the pour over coffee maker and I love it. I only drink one or two cups a day and my old coffee maker was bulky and I felt like I was wasting coffee when I used it. Now I can make exactly how much I want without a worry.
Cleans easily in the sink or dishwasher.

My only issue is that my filter broke just a little. Along the seem on the inside so sometimes coffee grounds get trapped between the two layers of metal mesh. Just have to be careful.

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