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Skillet set and enameled dutch oven bundle

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ARRIVES   26 May - 28 May, 2022

In Stock

ARRIVES   26 May - 28 May, 2022








All The Cookware You Need in One Bundle

Make various breakfasts, lunches, and dinners with this skillet set and enameled Dutch oven bundle. You can fry, bake, sauté, boil, or steam food using these pieces of cookware; whatever you are craving, this set can help you rustle it up!


Heavy Duty Construction

Both products are made from sturdy, strong cast-iron. This set retains heat for hours and evenly distributes it, so it is excellent for slow cooking and serving up meals of all types. Right down to the smallest details, these products are excellent cooking tools.


Specialized Features

Both of these products have unique features that will elevate your cooking experience. Uno Casa designed the Dutch oven's lid with small bumps inside. This creates a rainfall effect for maximum flavor and ensures that the food does not dry out and remains flavorful. The skillets give an even distribution of heat and have pouring spouts that make serving food simpler.


Safety First

All of the Uno Casa products are designed with safety in mind. Both products in the set come with heat-proof silicone handles to protect your hands. The Dutch oven also has a silicone mat included, which means you can use the pot on any surface.

Customer Reviews

Based on 2 reviews
Daniel Morbitzer
Christmas Success

My wife LOVES this new set. We started using cast iron camping. Now that we have moved and have gas, she wanted something nicer. My wife made an amazing beef stew with the Dutch oven and loved making cornbread in the new pan! She said there was a big difference. I looked like a rockstar getting these for Christmas! Thank you!!

Charlayne Denney
My Husband's In Heaven

I bought a set of the pans and the Dutch oven for my husband who does the cooking. He was thrilled with them. We have an electric stove and he's been disappointed that he couldn't use cast iron on it. But these can be. And he's been joyfully reading recipes to try. And they're great pans!

what's New

What's Included

  • Cast-iron enameled Dutch oven:

    • 1 x Cast-iron enameled Dutch oven
    • 1 x Lid with a stainless steel knob
    • 1 x Silicone mat
    • 2 x Silicone handle covers
    • 1 x Recipe e-book


    Material: Enameled cast-iron


    Capacity: 6 qt (ideal for 4-6 servings)


    Dimensions: 12.4 x 14 x 6.8 in (great for one-pot meals or to complement food cooked on the griddle)

    Item weight: 14.5 lbs

  • Skillet Set:

    • 2 x Cast-iron skillets [10” and 12’]
    • 2 x Silicone handle covers
    • 2 x Skillet scrapers
    • 1 x Recipe e-book


    Material: Durable cast-iron.

    Size: 10 inches and 12 inches in diameter (ideal for a range of different meals and group sizes.)

How the Product Works


    The skillet set and enameled Dutch oven bundle is a versatile and easy to use set of kitchen tools. The skillet set will open up a whole new world of cooking options, and the Dutch oven will save you time and effort. You'll wonder how you ever managed without this versatile bundle! 


    Remember, cast-iron products require slightly different care. Here's a basic guide to getting you going:

    How to use the Dutch oven:

    • Use the Uno Casa Dutch oven like any other pot. Bake, boil, braise, roast, stew, or fry your food in single or multiple layers on the stovetop or in the oven. 
    • Only a small amount of liquid or oil is required for this type of cooking.
    • To clean the Dutch oven, scrub off any food residue, rinse with hot water, and towel dry.
    • There is no need to season this pot before storing it!

    How to use the skillet set:

    • Use these skillets for anything you'd use a regular skillet for. Fry up some eggs and bacon for breakfast, make a delicious frittata in the oven, or whip up a peach cobbler for dessert!
    • To clean the skillets, scrape off any residual food, rinse with hot water, and towel dry.
    • Before storing your skillet set, it's important to season it. This will keep it rust-free and in good condition. It will also help keep the non-stick surface effective. 

    How to season the cast-iron skillet set:

    • Apply a thin layer of oil with a paper towel.
    • Spread this evenly across all cooking surfaces.
    • Bake the skillets in the oven for approximately an hour at 375°F.

    If you season your cast-iron skillets by using this simple method regularly, they will last a lifetime! 

What's included


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