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Cast-Iron Cookware Set

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This Complete Set is All You Need

Featuring two skillets, a cast-iron griddle, and an enameled cast-iron Dutch oven, this cast-iron cookware set is a stunning addition to any kitchen. Whether you cook on a gas, electric, or induction stovetop, this set is an excellent choice!


Super Versatile

You can cook hundreds of dishes, from casseroles to tacos, with this quality cookware. Whether you use this cast-iron cooking set to grill some bacon and eggs for breakfast or whip up a curry for the family for dinner, the possibilities are endless!


Durable and Robust Material

This cast-iron cookware set is made out of strong material, proven to be durable and resistant to breaks and scratches. Cast-iron is naturally non-stick, and with regular seasoning, it will become even more efficient. This means that even without oil, food is less likely to burn, and it is a lot easier to clean. The Dutch oven has an enamel coating, so it does not require seasoning and is easy to clean.


Ready to Use, No Preparation Needed

The Una Casa cast-iron skillet sets have been pre-seasoned, and the griddle and skillets are all ready to use the moment you pull them out of the package. The Dutch oven has an enameled surface, so it doesn't need seasoning. You won't have to use much oil or water in any of the iron cast skillets or the Dutch oven.


Stylish Design

The elegant appearance of these cast-iron cooking sets will add a sophisticated touch to any kitchen. The items look great together, and their neutral colors will blend in well with kitchen decor and other appliances.

what's New

What's Included

  • 1 x Cast-iron skillet set

    This set consists of 2 cast-iron skillets, pre-seasoned, and ready to use.

    Material: High-quality cast-iron

    Sizes: 10 inches and 12 inches diameter (perfect for cooking a variety of different foods)

    • 2 x Silicone handle covers for the skillets

    The silicone covers will protect your skin no matter what you are cooking!

    • 2 x Skillet scrapers

    The skillet scrapers make maintaining your pans simple. They are perfect for keeping your cast-iron skillet set spotless.

    • 1 x Recipe e-book for the skillet set

    A handy guide packed with recipes made specifically for these pans so you'll never run out of inspiration!

  • 1 x Dutch oven

    Material: Enameled cast-iron (a sturdy product with an eye-catching red enamel finish)

    Capacity: 6 quarts, enough for 4-6 servings of a dish.

    Diameter: 11 inches

    Weight: 14.5 lb

    • 2 x silicone handle covers for the Dutch oven
    • 1 x silicone potholder for the Dutch oven

    The silicone handle covers and potholder will protect your hands and kitchen tops from the heat.

    • 1 x Recipe e-book.

    This handy recipe e-book is full of inspirational ideas for using your Dutch oven in all kinds of interesting ways.

  • 1 x Cast-Iron Griddle

    Material: Cast-iron, with a griddled surface on one side and a smooth surface on the other. It has an angled grease slope to reduce the amount of fat in the food.

    Dimensions: 10 x 20 inches (able to accommodate several pieces of meat or vegetables)

    Weight: 11.35 lbs

    • 1 x Chainmail cleaner
    • 1 x Recipe e-book for the cast-iron griddle

    The handy recipe e-book will give you great tips and recipes geared to get you cooking up a storm with your griddle in no time!

How the Product Works


    This cast-iron cookware set is super easy to use and maintain. Here's a basic guide to getting you going:

    • Although it is made with cast-iron, the Dutch oven does not need to be seasoned; you can start cooking straight away!
    • The griddle and skillets in the cast-iron kitchen set are pre-seasoned, so the same applies; you can begin using everything immediately!
    • Use only a little bit of oil, just enough to coat the base of the dish.
    • Bake, boil, sauté, braise, roast, stew, or fry your food on any kind of stovetop, whether it is gas, electric, or induction!
    • To clean the Dutch oven, simply wash with warm soapy water and towel dry.
    • To clean the griddle, use the chainmail cleaner to remove food residue, rinse with warm water, and dry.
    • To clean the skillets, use the skillet scrapers to remove food residue, rinse with warm water, and dry.
    • The griddle and the skillets have to be seasoned regularly. Apply a thin layer of mild vegetable oil before storage.
What's included


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