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Casserole Dish Sizes: Find the Perfect One

June 08, 2020 3 min read

Casserole Dish Sizes: Find the Perfect One

Whether you're looking to cook a summery chicken casserole in a creamy white wine sauce or perfecting a one-pot winter vegetable stew for the colder months, casserole dish sizes are important and will help your prepare the perfect amount of food all through the year.

No family kitchen can ever really be complete without an excellent selection of casserole dishes. They are versatile cookware that can be used for both cooking and serving.

But to get the best results from your recipes, you're going to need to know the best-sized casserole dish to cook with.

How important is the size of a casserole dish?

Whether you are eyeing over a gorgeous cast iron casserole dish or just thinking about adding a new piece of cookware to your kitchen. You can't go wrong with a good casserole dish.

A quality pan will allow you to slow cook stews, to braise meat evenly, and to keep your lovingly prepared meal as tasty as possible. And an enameled casserole dish is a great look in any kitchen, it's durable, long-lasting, and importantly, non-stick.

You simply pick your recipe, prepare the ingredients, throw it in the dish, and let it cook super slowly while you carry on with the other aspects of your life. But to get dinner just right, to retain the maximum amount of flavor, and to give your cooking that extra dimension, you will need to have the right size, and different recipes call for different sized casserole dishes.

If you're cooking for more guests, you'll need a larger casserole dish. If you're only cooking for a small family, then a smaller casserole dish will do the trick. But when it comes to cooking, the size is important too. If you're slow-cooking meats, you need more space for the heat to circulate, but if you're cooking up a thick and creamy sauce, a smaller sized dish will cause less evaporation.

Is there a standard size for a casserole dish?

While every home cook's dream is to have a collection of dishes for every potential recipe and occasion, this is never going to be a practical approach. You're going to need to settle somewhere in the middle, with a casserole dish that can cover your back and cook up a great meal when you need it most!

Standard casserole dish sizes will usually be 12 inches in diameter, with a capacity to hold 3.7 quarts worth of great cooking. This is the perfect size for an average-sized family of 4 or 5 people, allowing you to cook a lovely family-sized meal in the oven.

Investing in a casserole dish with lid at this sort of size will help you to delve into a wonderful range of creative recipes. There will be some fantastic casserole ideas that fit nicely into your pan, from a rich beef stew to an exotic Moroccan tagine (we also have this tagine pot for your tasty dishes).

As well as helping you produce the best casseroles all the time, a standard-sized dish like this is incredibly versatile.

They are also not limited to oven use. They can be used safely on the stovetop or a burner. They are just the right size to be lifted using the sturdy handles, which will help you to support the weight while taking the heat away from your hands, or if you're cooking up several different dishes at once and find yourself running short of baking dishes, then they even work well as a backup for these too.

The best casserole needs the best casserole dish to give it that extra bit of flavor. Knowing the best-sized casserole dish to choose when you're looking to cook the perfect meal, will help you to serve up delicious casseroles for your family and friends!


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