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May 27, 2020 1 min read

This flavor-packed breakfast skillet recipe combines all your favorites in one pan. Golden hash browns are topped with melted cheese, crispy strips of bacon, tangy green onions, and perfectly cooked sunny-side-up eggs. The delicious combination creates a modern take on a traditional country breakfast.

Get out your skillet and learn how to make a breakfast skillet!


Breakfast Skillet Variations

Instead of using bacon for this breakfast skillet dish (or in addition to using bacon - if you're a big meat eater), you can chop up some breakfast sausage patties into half-inch chunks and fry them at the same time. If you're serving this for lunch or dinner, you can experiment with ham, chopped chicken, smoked sausage, chorizo - any meat which can be cut into small chunks will work in this lunch/dinner/breakfast skillet!

This breakfast skillet is not the most vegetarian or vegan-friendly recipe out there, but you could experiment with replacing the bacon, egg, and cheese with vegetable-based alternatives. One idea would be to add black beans instead of bacon, use vegan cheese and serve with chopped avocado - make it a Mexican breakfast skillet! Add some hot sauce when you serve up the dish for the full effect.

And remember - breakfast skillet recipes are great at any time of day. This recipe makes a perfect brunch, lunch, dinner, or late-night snack!

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