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February 07, 2021 3 min read

What happens when you combine tender meats, tasty veggies, and hearty beans with some delicious herbs and spices? You get a pot of crowd-pleasing cowboy stew! This one-pot wonder is one of our go-to meals with wholesome flavor, nutrition, and of course, easy cleanup.

This is a quick and easy meal recipe every family needs. It’s so easy to prepare; even the kids can jump in and cook up a delicious and nutritious meal. You don’t need any fancy ingredients, and it’s easy to change the recipe to accommodate what you have in your pantry. 

Another great thing about cowboy stew is that you cook it all in one pot, which means fewer dishes to wash, less mess, and layers upon layers of great flavor. We’ve tried a few recipes, but we LOVE this simple one:


Every Family Needs a Cowboy Stew Recipe or Two

It’s simple to prepare, takes little to no effort to cook, and is super tasty. Who doesn’t love a hearty, wholesome stew recipe?

What makes cowboy stew extra special is that it combines all your favorites in one delicious pot! 

Whether your family members enjoy a filling goulash, a traditional Irish stew, or a nourishing beef stew, cowboy stew will work for them. It takes the best parts of all the top stew recipes and combines them in one simmering pot of deliciousness. 

Loaded with different types of meat, tons of healthy veggies, and beans for extra protein, this stew keeps you fuller for longer. Does this all sound too good to be true? You’ll be amazed at how little you need and how simple it is to prepare. 

What Goes Into Cowboy Stew?

Here’s a basic guide to the ingredients needed for a great cowboy stew:

Ground beef or beef cubes?

Whether you get ground beef or beef chunks, cowboy stew recipes do require some type of meat.

Even if you use cheaper cuts of beef, slow-cooking methods can make them soft and tender. 

Toss in some tomatoes

Another essential ingredient is diced tomatoes. Whether you use canned tomatoes to save time on prep or chop up some fresh tomatoes, your stew will be thicker and have a fuller flavor. Not to mention the vitamin C boost your family would get from this prime ingredient!

Bacon or sausage, anyone?

Some people swear by the smokey, garlicky flavor of Kielbasa sausage. Others use good old maple-smoked bacon to impart full flavor into their cowboy stew.

Camping or having an outdoor cookout? Fry up some of these flavorful meats, and you’ll permeate the air with a mouth-watering aroma sure to whet everyone’s appetite!

Bring on the beans!

Canned or pre-soaked beans are both good for cowboy stews. Canned varieties add a sweetness that works well with smoky meats. Beans are tasty, filling, and good for you!

For those who are health-conscious, using beans instead of red meat is a great way to cut down on saturated fat. 

Spice it up

Everyone has a flavor profile. When it comes to stew recipes, most of them have the basic flavoring from garlic, chili powder, and parsley. But this doesn’t mean you can’t change it up. If you enjoy rosemary, why not add some to your next stew? If you enjoy the flavor of fresh cilantro, go for it! There’s nothing wrong with swapping it instead of the parsley. 

Now you know what ingredients you need to begin trying out some cowboy stew recipes. But what about the tools you need for these recipes? 

Tools You Need to Cook Cowboy Stew

Cooking your stew in a non-stick Enameled Dutch oven or double dutch oven is your best bet. If you don’t have one, make sure you use a heavy pot with a thick bottom. This will prevent your stew from burning, and it will promote even cooking.

There’s nothing worse than having a mushed-up mess at the bottom of your pot when your stew is cooked. So, if you have a Dutch oven on hand, it’s ideal for this type of cooking.

Go ahead, and try a cowboy stew Dutch oven recipe. 

Giddyup! Let’s Get Cooking!

As soon as you begin experimenting with some cowboy stew recipes, you’ll start to notice a few things. For example, it’s tough to mess it up. As long as you stick to the basics, you’ll whip up a tasty stew in no time.

You can make all kinds of changes without compromising flavor for those who are more adventurous (like true cowboys!). Toss in some noodles, experiment with herbs and spices or add extra chili for a kick.

No matter what you do with your cowboy stew, it’s bound to turn out delicious!

If you enjoyed this recipe, go ahead and check out more Dutch oven recipes!

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