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February 16, 2021 3 min read

Nothing beats waking up on a campsite in a beautiful location to the smell of sizzling sausage, hash browns, and eggs wafting into your nostrils. It doesn’t have to be a massive effort to make great meals when you camp - you can use your Dutch oven to create a delicious, cheesy quiche in a campfire quickly.

Camp foods are some of the best-tasting, despite being so simple - who doesn’t love a roasted hotdog or marshmallow on a stick over the fire?

The smoky quality that a campfire imparts into our food is delicious and takes even the most basic meals up a notch. 

Not all campfire meals have to feel simple. You can still feel like you’re eating like a king or queen without a ton of extra effort, using simple tools like a double Dutch oven (or a pie iron for a very small dish) and a cooking grate, or a campfire Dutch oven directly in the coals. 

We created this delicious recipe as the ultimate camping one-pot breakfast - gooey cheese, crispy hash browns, and salty sausage come together to bake in this egg dish that will keep you full as you spend your day on camping adventures.


Dutch Oven Baking Quiche - FAQ

How can I make this quiche at home?

This hashbrown and sausage quiche is not only reserved for campfires. You can easily adapt this campfire recipe to make it at home. 

Fry your sausage and sliced onion in a cast-iron skillet on the stovetop over medium heat until the sausage isn’t pink and the onions are tender, then add the hash browns and peppers, cooking until all ingredients are hot and tender.

Preheat your oven to 350°F. Mix and fill a Dutch oven with all cooked ingredients. Pour in the eggs, and cook the quiche covered in the oven for 45 mins as usual. Add cheese, recover, and cook for 5 more mins. 

Can I make this quiche vegetarian?

You can effortlessly adjust this recipe as needed for any allergies or food preferences. Our quiche contains no gluten, and you can make it dairy-free by omitting the cheese. 

Make a vegetarian quiche by swapping out the sausage for refried beans or mushrooms. You can omit the protein altogether if you like, as eggs pack quite a bit of protein on their own.

I’m going camping. Can I assemble this quiche ahead of time?

You can cut down on prep time at the campsite by chopping all of your vegetables ahead of time and keeping them in airtight sandwich bags or containers. 

We don’t recommend pre-cooking or mixing all of the ingredients beforehand, as the potatoes will likely absorb the egg liquid, giving a pretty dry result. 

Final Notes: Make Quiche in Dutch Oven + Campfire Cooking Safety

This campfire hash brown quiche is going to knock your socks off at your next campout. 

We also want to touch on the importance of fire safety when using this cooking method. 

Cooking in a campfire is extra hot and has a few more risks than using an oven, so it’s essential to put safety ahead of all else when you’re cooking over an open flame. 

The campfire Dutch oven goes directly into the coals and will be very, very hot to the touch. 

Consider getting a pothook, which allows you to keep your distance as you lift and move the oven’s lid. Locking pliers can work as well.

Invest in some fire-safe gloves that fully cover your wrists, and use long-handled utensils - keep your skin and body as far away from the flames as you can.

Enjoy your Dutch oven-made quiche!

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