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December 03, 2020 3 min read

As far as seafood fajitas go, you can’t beat Mexican shrimp fajitas with a spicy, cajun marinade and lightly toasted tortillas. Our healthy shrimp fajitas are packed full of seasoning, bursting with vegetables, and dripping with flavor. 

Shrimp fajitas are an easy meal that you can prepare in as little as half an hour. You’ll need fresh shrimp, some cajun seasoning, and a few garnishes to serve. We suggest preparing hand made fajita wraps using a tortilla maker, for an added touch of freshness!


Easy shrimp fajitas recipe FAQ

How to tell if shrimp is cooked?

When you’re making fajitas at home, it’s important to know when your shrimp are cooked through. When it’s fully cooked, shrimp will change from translucent grey to an opaque white color. There will be some red or pink patches too. 

But remember that shrimp really don’t take too long to cook in the pan, so try not to overcook them. They won’t need longer than 2 minutes on either side. 

How to saute peppers and onions for fajitas? 

When you’re learning how to make fajitas at home, you’ll also need to learn how to saute peppers and onions. We think that the best vegetables are soft rather than crunchy for this recipe, but that’s up to you.

You need to saute your vegetables in a light coating of oil and remember to keep the heat on medium to allow them to cook through slowly. After 10 minutes, the onion and pepper will be soft, but you can leave it for longer if you want to start browning the vegetables too. 

What kind of onion for fajitas?

Most easy shrimp fajitas recipes will call for white onions, as this is the type of onion most commonly found in Mexican cuisine. Of course, you can try other onions, too, including yellow onions or even red onions.

Green onions, or scallions, also make for an excellent addition on top of the white onions. Chop them up and add them on top as a tasty garnish. 

How to warm tortillas? 

Tortillas don’t take long to warm, and you should leave it right until the end so you can serve up fresh, hot tortillas to top off your simple fajitas recipes!

The quickest way to warm tortillas is in the microwave. Add a stack and microwave for 30 seconds. You can also lightly toast the tortillas in a clean pan. You don’t need oil (it needs to be dry heat); just cook the tortillas on either side for 30 seconds, using medium heat. 

You can store your tortillas in a tortilla warmer once cooked to keep them hot and fresh!

What fajita toppings can I try?

In addition to our tasty shrimp fajita seasoning recipe with cajun spices, you can add extra flavor by trying out different toppings. Fajita ranch sauce or garlic mayonnaise can take the edge away from the spicy cajun, but you can also try sour cream or even a dash of yogurt if spice isn’t your thing.

If you like spice, on the other hand, you can go the other way too, and add extra hot sauce to the recipe or as a topping. We also enjoy some shredded lettuce, chopped green onions, lime juice, or smooth and creamy guacamole. 

How do I make grilled shrimp fajitas?

This is a great recipe for grilling too, either in the oven or outside on your cast iron griddle during the summer. Grilling your shrimp and vegetables is easy yet healthy, as you don’t need as much oil.

We suggest placing your shrimp and vegetables on skewers (sort of like a shrimp fajita kebab) after you’ve coated them in seasoning. Heat your grill, then leave them to cook. The shrimp will take 2 minutes on either side, and the vegetables will take 10 minutes. 

Is your mouth watering yet? Why not save this spicy shrimp taco fajita recipe for your next dinner or barbeque!

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