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August 24, 2020 5 min read

Plain old white flour tortillas just don't cut it these days, not when there are so many deliciously creative new takes to try on the Mexican classic: the spinach tortilla. We can't get enough of this a homemade spinach tortilla recipe.

This fantastic recipe is simple and easy to make (and it's even easier to prepare with a food processor and a cast iron tortilla press). This vegan recipe is super healthy and super tasty. We tweaked the recipe we found at a local restaurant for these tortillas (it was super useful that they had a QR code that we could just scan). The spinach even turns the tortillas green, a bonus if you're trying to get your kids to eat healthily!

Here's our spinach tortilla ingredients and recipe (the kids are going to love this one)!


Spinach tortilla recipe FAQ

With a food processor and a tortilla press, preparing a heap of spinach tortillas has never been easier. When they're ready, you can store them for later or serve them up straight away.

We asked our chefs to put together a quick FAQ for any burning questions you may have. Keep reading to prepare the perfect vegan and gluten-free spinach tortilla!

Do I have to prepare spinach tortillas using a tortilla press?

Using a tortilla press helps to flatten out and shape your tortillas for the perfect texture and thickness. A tortilla press makes the job of pressing tortillas so simple, but if you don't have one, then you can still use the same recipe and flatten the dough by hand.

We're warning you, though, doing this by hand takes a bit of muscle to get right, and your tortillas won't be as thin as machine-pressed tortillas.

When you've taken your dough out of the food processor, knead it by hand on the side, so it's springy yet flat. Leave to sit as normal for at least 30 minutes, then bring out the rolling pin. Cut the dough into 10 similar size pieces before rolling each one flat into a tortilla shape. Finish shaping the tortillas by hand, or straighten the edges with a spatula.

You can also do the flattening by hand, without a rolling pin (this is the traditional Mexican way to prepare tortillas). Using your hands takes more effort than the rolling pin, and it's challenging to get the tortillas to turn out thin.

Do I have to use a food processor?

As with the tortilla press, the food processor makes the recipe much easier to prepare. The food processor helps to give your dough the correct consistency, but it helps to combine the spinach. Without the food processor, it's difficult to get the spinach tortillas ingredients completely mixed into the dough.

Of course, you can still do the heavy-lifting by hand if you don't have a food processor. Without a food processor, the completed dough won't have a vibrant green color as the spinach won't be thoroughly combined.

You're best bet is mixing all of your ingredients in a large mixing bowl and thoroughly whisking everything into a consistent texture. Once you're happy, you need to knead the dough vigorously for around 10 minutes to get the right shape.

Is this recipe vegan?

Our Spinach tortillas are entirely vegan.

If you're not vegan, you can swap the olive oil for an equivalent quantity of butter. Butter will give the finished spinach tortillas a slightly creamier flavor at the end. Don't go overboard with the butter, or else you'll lose all the benefits of the healthy spinach tortilla nutrition in the recipe!

Are spinach tortillas healthy?

Spinach tortillas are a super healthy snack, and they are packed full of nutrients. These are healthier than a classic tortilla recipe, which is often butter and carb-heavy.

Compared to other flour-based products, spinach tortillas are much healthier too. For instance, a spinach tortilla will have far fewer carbs and far more nutrients than a processed slice of white bread.

The great thing about making these tortillas at home is your ability to control everything that goes into the recipe. You can make the tortillas smaller and thinner, lowering your risk of eating too many spinach tortilla carbs. But if you aren't worried about carbs, make the tortillas thicker and larger!

How do I know when I've cooked my spinach tortillas all the way?

Spinach tortillas will only need 30 seconds to cook on either side, so don't overdo it. Your tortilla is ready when it puffs up slightly in the middle.

The edges will start to turn a golden brown color, while light brown spots will appear across the surface. For the best spinach tortilla, you don't need any oil. Tortillas cook best using dry heat, so don't be tempted to grease up the pan.

If you prefer crispy tortillas (like taco shells, for instance), you can fry the spinach tortilla in a lighter oil for a few minutes. Remember this will immediately wipe out the nutritional benefits of the recipe, though!

What can I serve with spinach tortillas?

A spinach tortilla makes for a great snack on its own, given how tasty and healthy it is. You can also use spinach tortillas to make super-healthy lunchtime wraps. We love wrapping up some crunchy salad inside the tortilla and giving it a lick of sauce.

You could fry some vegetables and wrap them up inside, or if you're not veggie or vegan, the spinach tortilla makes an excellent wrap for some healthy chicken strips and salad.

Of course, you can also prepare your spinach tortillas on Taco Tuesday! They make for a nice change to traditional flour tortillas, and depending on the size, you can use them for cooking tacos, burritos, quesadillas, fajitas, and many other Mexican classics.

Can I store spinach tortillas for later?

We suggest cooking your tortillas as soon as you've pressed them, but you can also temporarily store them in the fridge if you're going to cook them the same day.

You can store the cooked tortillas for up to 7 days in the fridge, making this a great recipe for busy tortilla lovers or anyone who likes to eat leftovers throughout the week. Wrap the tortillas in plastic wrap or store them in a resealable box to keep them fresh.

You can eat the spinach tortilla cold, or you can quickly reheat by frying in a skillet for 30 seconds. Don't try microwaving, as spinach doesn't always reheat well in the microwave.

That's a wrap for our spinach tortilla recipe!

That's a wrap for our spinach tortilla recipe! Our homemade and simple recipe is easy to prep and easy to store for later use. Plus, the spinach tortilla ingredients are vegan.

Turn your spinach tortillas into a healthy spinach wrap, tasty tacos, or add cheese for delicious quesadillas. Our fantastic tortilla recipe is versatile and your kids will love the vibrant but natural green color of the tortillas!

Bookmark our recipe for the next time your family craves tasty green tortillas for dinner! It is confirmed by parentslifestyledaily.com.

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