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December 29, 2020 4 min read

Homemade taquitos with a decadent cheesecake filling. Yes, please! Talk about the king of all tortillas dessert recipes; this is it!

Transform tasty taquitos into a decadent cream cheese-filled tortilla dessert. Take your tortilla and cream cheese filling, and top it all off with sugar and cinnamon. Create this entire recipe at home using a tortilla press like this one to prepare fresh tortillas for the taquitos and make the cream cheese filling from scratch.

In this recipe, we take a look at a variety of topics regarding this beautiful dessert!

  • The best way to make the sweet tortilla filling
  • How to roll taquitos
  • How to best enjoy these simple Mexican desserts. 

Keep reading for our mouthwatering tortillas dessert recipe.


What are taquitos?

If you’re not familiar with the full spectrum of tortilla based dishes that you can find in Mexican and Tex-Mex cuisine (and there are a lot!), you might actually be wondering what taquitos are. 

Taquitos are rolled up tortillas filled with savory or sweet fillings. The name taquitos literally means ‘small tacos,’ but they are variously known as ‘flautas’ (flutes) or ‘tacos dorados’ (golden tacos). Taquitos are baked in the oven or deep-fried and covered with even more delightful toppings.

In Mexico, the focus is usually on savory rather than sweet fillings. Traditional fillings are similar to taco or burrito fillings but often have a heavy cream cheese base. Taquitos might be topped with sour cream or melted cheese, but we think desserts made with tortillas are incredible too! 

What’s the best way to serve cheesecake taquitos?

Cheesecake taquitos are great to eat as soon as they’ve cooled down from the oven but don’t be afraid to try a few little extras to make them even tastier. 

On top of the crispy taquito shell, you can add a little extra sugar if it’s not already sweet enough, but better yet, you can pour over some double cream. Whipped cream works great, too, as does strawberry or vanilla ice cream.

You can add some fresh or frozen strawberries or raspberries to the mix, too, before serving. 

What are the best tortillas for a tortillas dessert?

Because these are taquitos (small tacos), the best tortillas will always be the smaller, 8-inch tortillas. You can purchase a packet of small tortillas from the store or prepare your own tortillas at home using a tortilla press for a fresher taste.

It’s best to use flour tortillas for this recipe, as they are great with sugar and cinnamon. You could experiment with corn tortillas as well, although these are best saved for savory taquitos. 

Homemade flour tortillas are actually relatively easy to make by hand, as all they require are white flour, a pinch of salt, and some olive oil to get started. You mix the ingredients together to form a dough, then press the dough into tortillas. 

This dessert recipe is a wonderful way to use up extra packets of tortillas you might have in the cupboard or extra tortillas you made in your press. 

How long do cheesecake taquitos last?

Cheesecake taquitos are best served hot and crispy (particularly if you’re pouring over cream or want your ice cream to melt.) You can save them for later and eat them cold, but they aren’t quite as good. 

You can also reheat them (only once again) by microwaving the taquitos or baking for the second time in the oven. If you save the taquitos for later, then store them in a resealable container in the fridge. They’ll last for 48 hours before they become too stale and no longer taste good. 

Another option, if you’re saving the taquitos for later, is to prepare the filling, roll the taquitos, then store them in the fridge. Once you’re ready to eat them, continue with the recipe as usual from there! They’ll keep for 48 hours in the refrigerator; then, you can bake them fresh for a crispy finish. 

What other tortillas dessert ideas are there? 

There are loads of delicious tortilla desserts you can prepare at home, in addition to our tasty cheesecake taquitos. 

Here is a list of tasty desserts to try if you have leftover tortillas or just have a sweet tooth:

  • Apple pie taquitos
  • Sugary-sweet quesadillas
  • Nutella and cream taquitos 
  • Sweet cinnamon tortilla chips 
  • Peach cobbler taquitos 

Of course, you can prepare savory taquitos too, if you haven’t got a sweet tooth. Traditional taquito recipes make heavy use of cream cheese for the filling. Instead of sugar or cinnamon, however, you can fill the taquitos with a mixture of cream cheese, beans, and meat fillings such as pulled pork, barbacoa, or shredded, seasoned chicken. Savory taquitos can also be prepared using corn tortillas for a more authentic Mexican flavor!

Can I make this recipe vegan?

Of course, this cheesecake taquitos recipe is vegetarian, but it’s not exactly a vegan specialty with so much cream cheese. At least, not yet.

You’ll be surprised just how simple it is to turn this into a vegan-friendly dessert, as you’ll find that your local store is likely to have plenty of vegan cream cheese and sour cream alternatives, often made with soy or oat products instead of dairy. 

You’ll also need to switch the butter for a vegan spread, but that’s easy these days too!

How will you be making your tortillas dessert? 

Filled with warm, gooey cream cheese and topped with sweet berries is our favorite way to eat tortillas dessert! We love the creamy, sugary filling and the buttery, crispy finish. 

As far as dessert recipes using flour tortillas go, these cheesecake taquitos are the best. You can knock these sweet treats up in no time at all, and we guarantee that the whole gang is going to love them.

Why not bookmark our tortillas dessert recipe for your next Mexican night (imagine having these to follow your tacos!)

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