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October 22, 2020 4 min read


Who doesn't love a good tortilla? You can use tortillas for wraps, tacos, burritos, fajitas, and so many more deliciously tasty snacks and meals. But which tortillas are best, and which are healthiest? If we're trying to shed a few pounds and cut out the preservatives, our favorite choice is this recipe for homemade whole wheat tortillas!

Whole wheat tortillas are easy to make from scratch, and they are super-healthy compared to store-bought and non-whole wheat tortillas. Low in fat, low in calories, and stuffed with wholesome flavor, all you need is a cast iron tortilla press and a bag of whole wheat flour to get started!

Keep reading to find out how to make whole wheat tortillas! 


Whole wheat tortilla FAQ

With a tortilla press and plenty of whole wheat flour, these healthy whole grain wraps are rather easy to start preparing at home!

If it's your first time making homemade whole wheat tortillas from scratch, though, you might want to keep reading to discover a few tips and tricks in our FAQs.

Can I prepare whole wheat tortillas without a tortilla press?

Yes, you sure can, but it takes a lot more elbow grease and exertion to get it right!

The tortilla press makes the whole operation a lot smoother and more efficient and allows you to flatten the whole grain tortillas into shape. If you don't have a press, you need to flatten each disc using a heavy rolling pin and then use your hands to shape it.

It's certainly not impossible, but it is definitely more difficult and much more time consuming without a tortilla press!

Do I need to cook whole wheat tortillas in oil?

While we use vegetable oil in the recipe, we don't need vegetable oil (or any oil) to cook the tortillas. For starters, the healthiest tortillas are prepared using as little oil as possible, but more importantly, all soft tortillas cook best using dry heat.

All you need to do is warm up your skillet and cook your tortillas directly on the surface with no oil. Adding oil will crisp up your tortillas, so if you like hard shell tacos, this is the way to do it!

Is a whole wheat tortilla healthy?

Whole wheat tortillas are surprisingly healthy, particularly when they are homemade. For starters, when you're preparing these from scratch, you know exactly which tortilla ingredients go into the recipe. You can cut out the oil or salt if you prefer, and you can select the best, unrefined whole wheat flour from the store.

Storebought tortillas are often full of preservatives, and much of the flour's goodness has been refined out of the recipe to make it last longer. So, are whole wheat tortillas healthy? Yes!

Are whole wheat tortillas healthier than other tortillas?

A whole wheat wrap will be much healthier than a white flour wrap, which contains many more carbohydrates and is much more refined. Whole wheat tortillas contain much more fiber than white flour tortillas, and they are much lower in calories.

Whole wheat tortilla calories are much better for you than white flour calories. Whole wheat flour tortillas contain far fewer carbohydrates. The number of carbs in whole wheat tortilla wraps is much lower than a white flour wrap of the same size, while whole wheat tortillas also boast more fiber, protein, and nutrients.

If you are looking to lose weight or enjoy a healthier diet, then the goodness you can find in whole wheat tortilla nutrition could be just the thing for you!

How large can I make my whole wheat tortilla?

If you're preparing your homemade whole wheat tortillas by hand, then you can prepare your tortillas as small or as large as you like. Traditionally, tortillas range in size from 8 inches up to 12 inches. Most tortilla makers will provide options for 8-inch or 10-inch sizes, both of which are perfect for home cooking.

If you're making tortillas for tacos, then you'll need to make them smaller, keeping them around 8 inches in diameter. For burritos or fajitas, which are usually much larger, you'll need 10 or 12 inches.

Of course, the larger the tortilla, the more carbs and the more calories you'll be consuming, not to mention the calories from the filling. So if you're trying to keep things healthy, you'll need to think about limiting your tortillas' size.

How long does a whole wheat tortilla last?

Once you've cooked your whole wheat tortillas, they can last for up to 48 hours if you keep them at room temperature. We suggest keeping them in a sealed container or at least covering them in a towel. Place your tortillas in the refrigerator, and they can keep for up to a week without spoiling.

You can also freeze your tortillas, if you've made too many, and save them for a later date. We suggest keeping them in a resealable container. Try to use them within 8 weeks, if possible. To make defrosting easier, you can freeze small stacks of tortillas together (5 or so at a time) or stack them between parchment paper.

How do I reheat whole wheat tortillas?

If you're not using your tortillas right away or if you've got a few leftovers for later, then you can easily reheat your tortillas by cooking them gently in a skillet. Again, no oil is needed, and you'll find they warm up in around 30 seconds on each side.

You can also use the microwave or heat them in the oven, but the skillet produces the best results. If you've frozen your whole wheat tortillas, you should allow them to defrost naturally on the side before reheating.

Whole wheat tortillas: the final say

Wholesome homemade whole wheat tortillas are a great way to turn Taco Tuesday into a 'healthier' option. Offering extra fiber and lower calories than white flour tortillas or store-bought tortillas, you can also cut out the preservatives by making these tortillas at home.

Whole wheat flour tortillas are perfect for healthy wraps and even better for tacos, burritos, and fajitas. Make them small, medium, or large, just the way you like them! Why not bookmark our whole wheat tortilla recipe for next week?

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