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Dutch Oven Desserts: 11 Recipes to Sweeten Your Camping Trip

January 28, 2021 3 min read

Dutch Oven Dessert

Imagine sitting around a fire, under the stars, sharing stories or singing songs, (im)patiently waiting for a tasty treat to bake in your camping Dutch oven in the coals. Dutch oven desserts are campfire classics, and every camper needs a few go-to recipes for camping adventures. 

Dutch ovens are excellent for slow-cooked dinners and lunches, and you can even use them to whip up breakfasts and loaves of bread.

But did you know they’re also great for desserts? Yes, you can bake all kinds of sweet treats in your Dutch oven in the coals. 

Every camper deserves dessert!

From golden brown apple cobbler, and gooey chocolate brownies, to a brand new take on good old s’mores and a “glamp”-worthy cheesecake, we’ve compiled some of the most delicious, mouthwatering, and easy Dutch oven dessert recipes.

Camping desserts are easy to rustle up with these 10 recipes:

#1 Pot of S’mores

What’s camping without s’mores? You can quickly transform this classic campfire snack into a dessert.

If you’re catering for a crowd of campers, why not make an entire pot of them? 

Your family and friends will love this so much; it will be like digging into a pot of super delicious nostalgia.

#2 Mississippi Mud Cake

Chocolate, pecans, and just enough cinnamon and vanilla to tantalize your taste buds; this cake is legendary and for a good reason. And that reason is simply that it is so tasty, you’ll probably have to make at least two!

#3 Camping Cheesecake

If you’re a sucker for cheesecake and have never tried it while you’re camping, it’s about time you do!

Every camper should have the option of having cheesecake, even when they’re on an outdoor adventure without a refrigerator in sight.

#4 Upside Down Pineapple Cake

This camping staple is nearly fool-proof and always a winner.

The wonderful combination of slices of juicy, tropical pineapple with the sticky sweetness of the melted brown sugar will have your happy campers even happier. 

#5 Dutch Oven Cinnamon Roll

Move over bacon and eggs, this cinnamon roll recipe is also an excellent breakfast option, IF you have any leftovers after eating it for dessert!

Cinnamon rolls are great for any time of the day. Our advice is that you make more than one, especially if you’re out camping with a bigger group. 

#6 Campfire Monkey Bread

This is a camping classic, especially with the kids!

This soft, sweet sticky pastry is perfect for nibbling on after dinner or taking on hikes as a fun and delicious fuel.

#7 Dutch Oven Brownies

Camping would not be the same without a sweet treat like fudgy chocolate brownies, especially for chocolate-lovers who need their fix!

#8 Cinnamon Nut Pull-Aparts

There’s just something about combining cinnamon and sugar that makes you feel comforted and content.

This recipe is a lot easier to make than it looks. Considering it only takes 5 ingredients and around 10 minutes to prepare before you pop it into the Dutch oven, it turns out brilliantly. 

#9 Dutch Oven Cobbler 

Whether you feel like having a Dutch oven peach cobbler, an apple cobbler, black cherry cobbler, or any other kind of fruit, this recipe is straightforward to make and will work with all sorts of adaptations.

Just remember to remove the stones or cores from the fruit before you begin your baking!

#10 Lemon-Blueberry Biscuits

This dessert is perfect after a long hiking day when you crave something special but not up to spending hours making it.

These zesty biscuits can be made in under 20 minutes and can be served as a dessert or even as a sweet breakfast. 

#11 Chocolate Cherry Lava Cake

If you want to show your camping buddies your baking skills with minimal effort, this recipe is for you. It turns out a lot more impressive than what you’d think, considering it only takes 20 minutes to prepare.

The tart cherries and chocolate create an eruption of flavor you’ll want to recreate with every camping trip.

Making light work of delicious Dutch oven desserts

When it comes to campfire meals, dutch oven cooking is a clear winner. You can not only whip up delectable dinners, lunches, and breakfasts; it’s also great for making decadent desserts. 

With these recipes, you’ll satisfy even the fussiest sweet tooth with minimal effort. They’re so simple to throw together, it’s ridiculous! This is just another reason why we LOVE Dutch ovens.

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