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How to Fold a Wrap: Step by Step Instructions

November 06, 2020 4 min read

How to Fold a Wrap: Step by Step Instructions

It’s a secret that everyone from college students to professional sandwich makers wants to know: exactly how do you fold a wrap? How do you stop the ingredients from spilling out the end, and how do you go about making a wrap so it doesn’t fall apart when you try to eat it? 

We’ve got some answers for you. Here’s the conclusive guide on how to fold a wrap, from start to finish!

Step One: Make Your Tortilla

First, you need your tortilla. If you’re up for a real challenge, you could even make this at home using basic tortilla ingredients and a tortilla press! All you need to make a tortilla is flour, vegetable oil and salt. The ingredients should be kneaded together thoroughly, pressed to create the tortillas, and then fried gently in a pan.

The tortilla should be around 10 inches in diameter - it will be difficult to fold if it’s any smaller. 

Your tortilla should be soft and able to fold easily. If you’ve just fried it in a pan, it will be at its perfect folding texture. However, if you’ve just taken it out of the fridge or freezer, you might want to heat it in the microwave quickly or dry fry it to make it that little bit easier to fold. 

Step Two: Put your ingredients inside the tortilla

Remember: you need way less of your ingredient mix than you think. Too much in your burrito is a recipe for disaster, so be sure to put your ingredient mix in sparingly!

Spread your ingredients in a small area inside your tortilla. Leave around two thirds of the tortilla free at the top, and place your ingredients after this imaginary line. They should stop at around an inch from the bottom. There should also be an inch free on the left and right sides. 

Step Three: Begin to fold!

Fold in the inch of space at the sides, so they are almost touching in the middle but not quite - you should still be able to see some of your filling in the middle. Ensure that the sides remain tucked in (keep holding them taut) while you do the next step. 
Step Four: fold the bottom up

Keeping the sides tucked in all the time, push up the inch of space at the bottom until it is folded into the tortilla mix. Keeping all sides of the tortilla taut, start to roll. 

Roll the tortilla wrap upwards, towards the top of the tortilla. It’s essential to keep everything really tight here, so it all sticks together well. 

Once you’ve reached the top, rest it so the ingredients are resting on the open end, and serve up! Well done - you’ve successfully learned how to roll a burrito. 

Burrito Filling Ideas

Of course, learning how to fold a burrito is just one part of this dish. You'll need some delicious filling ideas to create the best burrito roll! Don’t worry, we’ve got some fantastic recipes that will leave your mouth watering. 

A chicken burrito is a classic staple, it includes shredded meat, Mexican rice, and a refried beans and cheese filling which keeps all the components together for you - and makes it much easier to eat!

If beef is more your thing, you should try burrito with beef. This delicious meal consists of juicy steak, fragrant rice, and beans cooked in salsa for that extra kick! It’s got the perfect balance of succulent food and substantial ingredients to both make your mouth water and fill you up! 

Do you prefer food from the sea? Try burrito with shrimp. This tasty bundle is a maritime take on the classic burrito - our recipe includes guacamole and a delicious chipotle marinade. 

If you’re vegetarian or vegan, don’t worry - you can still easily enjoy a delicious burrito wrap. Try any of our recipes with tofu pieces instead of the meat or seafood. It works just as well, although it’s a good idea to leave the tofu to marinate for longer than the recipe suggests. If you have enough time, we recommend leaving it overnight. 

If you’re vegan, you will of course want substitutes for cheese and any sour cream that might be used as well. Vegan cheese can be purchased easily from most superstores, and in place of sour cream, you could use vegan mayonnaise. 

Making a Tortilla Burrito Tips 

Here are some important things to remember while you’re creating your homemade wraps! 

  • Ensure that the tortilla is malleable. Making your own tortilla is the best way to do this - it will be ready to fold as soon as it comes out of the pan. If the tortilla is store bought, or has come out of the fridge or freezer, be sure to heat it up slightly. Cold tortillas are generally much more brittle and likely to break. 
  • Make sure that your tortilla is always taut when you are folding it. Holding it too loosely is the number one mistake when making a wrap sandwich. As long as the folded tortilla is kept tight, it shouldn’t come apart!
  • Less is more when it comes to ingredients. This is another common mistake when learning how to make wraps. You probably need way fewer ingredients than you think - so scrimp on them at first. This is a win-win situation, because you can use the leftover ingredients to make another delicious roll wrap! 
  • If you’re concerned about the end unraveling, you could add a touch of cream or mayonnaise there to act as a glue, sticking two parts of the tortilla together. 
  • It’s best if you have a mixture of ingredients in your tortillas sandwich. Our recipes above generally have one bulky ingredient (meat, fish, or tofu), a grain such as rice, and plenty of sauce or melted cheese to stick the ingredients together. When they are binded in this way, they are much more likely to remain in the wrap. 
  • Be creative with your ingredients! You don’t have to stick to Mexican food. You could make a hummus, falafel and salad wrap using this technique, or even a sweet burrito with soft fruits and jam! The possibilities are endless. 

So there you have it, a simple way to fold a burrito - it’s a form of art, but practice makes perfect!

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