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Cast Iron Tortilla Press

8" OR 10" PRESS

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ARRIVES   9 Feb - 11 Feb, 2023









Traditional Mexican Design

- Inspired by the traditional Mexican tortilla presses which have been used for generations, the Uno Casa Cast Iron Tortilla Press is exactly what you need to make traditional Mexican dishes like tacos, empanadas, arepas, or quesadillas. Making authentic Mexican food has never been this simple!


A Unique Kitchen Centerpiece

- Liven up your dinner parties as you serve perfectly shaped, freshly cooked tortillas. But that's not all; this versatile press can be used for more than just Mexican cuisine. If you're feeling adventurous, look beyond Mexico and try your hand at rotis, chapatis, filled dumplings, or even pie shells.


Heavy-Duty Construction

- The Uno Casa Tortilla Press is made with high-quality cast iron and comes with replacement screws for the hinge mechanism, just in case you need to replace them at some stage. The heavy-duty construction and top-quality parts make this press durable for many years.


Naturally Non-Stick Surface

- This tortilla maker is made with cast-iron, which is naturally non-stick. Simply season it regularly to keep it in top-notch condition and rust-free.


Perfect Tortillas, Every Time

- The sturdy construction of this tortilla press allows you to turn out perfectly shaped tortillas every time, and it's easy to clean and maintain!



Tacos sounded good tonight, so Jason whipped up these fresh, delicious tortillas! We used our new, easy to use @unocasahome tortilla press, and we are so in love! 🌮



I finally got to try the tortilla press that @unocasahome sent me and I am obsessed. I got to make HOMEMADE tortillas for my tacos last night! And let me tell you, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to eat a store bought tortilla again 🤩🤩



All you need is some masa harina flour, water, & salt for a basic tortilla dough (but you can def add seasonings/spice, cheese, citrus, etc). Then roll, press, heat, & they’re ready to eat 😭 We use the @unocasahome cast iron tortilla press over on this side 👌🏼

Customer Reviews

Based on 94 reviews
Kim Rossi
So easy to use and way better than grocery tortillas

The corn tortillas come out perfect and are 1000 times better than store bought, well worth the effort to make which is pretty easy. The flour ones are a bit trickier due to the elasticity of the dough. I use the press to create a 7” circle which promptly shrinks to 4-5”, then I roll it out to 11-12” and once in the pan it shrinks to 7” when finished with gentle pressing while cooking. At an elevation of 7500 ft may contribute to issues, nevertheless they are so much better than store bought. My next project will be making Asian dumpling wrappers with the press.

Cham MacKenzie
"Best fun EVER" - A. Tunde, 3yo

This press has been a dream. It was shipped quickly and I've used it a dozen times now. I've never made tortillas before and I am so pleased with how well the press works, and how easy making fresh tortillas is. I'm currently observing a very limited diet and am unable to eat corn or wheat. The 'flours' I am able to use have been difficult for me to work with, and I am so thrilled with how well the press (and the paper that came with) make perfect tortillas, even with trickier ingredients. Today my just turned three year old nephew and I made tortillas. He eventually handled the entire pressing process himself, start to finish. He was amazed and delighted with himself and single every tortilla was a celebration!

Grace Anderson
Amazing Quality, So Many Uses!

I love this tortilla press!! It’s such great quality, at a really affordable price. I got the 10” model to have more flexibility in the size of tortilla I wanted to make. I love making my own tortillas and it works so well! I’ve also used it to make some thicker things like arepas and flat breads and it works well for those too!

Bill Hoff
10 inch? Cast Iron Tortilla Press

I absolutely love this Tortilla press, I have used it twice so far to make corn tortilla's, and they come out perfect. It does all it need to do and then some. The only complaint I have is why in heaven's name can you call it a 10 inch press when it is only 9.5 inches in size? I wanted the largest size so I could do large flour tortilla's, so now I guess 9.5 inches will have to do - Sorry but I feel if you advertise a 10 inch tortilla press it should be 10 inches, just saying. - Totally satisfied user, but just a bit disappointed

Anna Buck
Love it!

This is a terrific tortilla maker! I use it for corn and flour tortillas and for shaping pie shells! Fantastic! The first one arrived broken but customer service promptly shipped a replacement. Excellent service!

what's New

What's included


    1 Cast- iron tortilla press (10-inch or 8-inch tortilla press). Different size options allow you to pick a press that suits all of your tortilla smasher needs. Large flour tortillas are needed to make burritos, but tacos work better with 8-in tinier corn tortillas.

    Material: Cast-iron

    Item Weight: 7.44 lb/12.62 lb

    100 Sheets of parchment paper. Get started without worrying about your tortillas sticking to your tortilla press machine or needing to clean your press.

    1 Recipe e-book. This recipe book will provide you with endless inspiration for your press.

How to use a tortilla press

  • Once you've tasted fresh, homemade tortillas, you'll never want to go back to the processed store-bought version.

    Make restaurant-quality tortillas with this professional tortilla press in a matter of seconds!

    With a press, you don't have to use the manual method of rolling out tortillas by hand. The press will speed up the process and get perfectly sized and shaped tortillas every single time! This is how to use a tortilla press:

    Prepare the corn or wheat flour dough for your tortillas.

    Place it onto the inner surface of the tortilla press on top of parchment paper. The parchment paper will prevent your tortilla from sticking to the surface of the press.

    Gently close the lid of the tortilla or burrito press to press out a perfectly shaped tortilla.

    Once the tortilla is flattened to the desired thickness, simply remove it from the press, and discard the parchment paper.

    Cook the tortilla for around 30 to 40 seconds per side in a hot pan, until you can see a nice browned surface developing.

    After you've made your tortillas, there are hundreds of recipes you can use them for! Whether you want to whip up a batch of nacho chips using your tortillas, make some bean burritos or use them as wraps, tortillas made in the Uno Casa Press will be a perfect fit for every purpose.

What's included

Compared to others, Uno casa Tortilla Press gives you best quality for affordable price


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