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Cast Iron Tortilla Press

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The Uno Casa heavy duty tortilla press, manufactured from high-grade preseasoned cast iron, is the ideal kitchen companion for making flour or corn tortillas, quesadillas, tacos or empanadas. The sturdy construction allows you to turn out perfectly shaped tortillas every time, and it's easy to clean and maintain.

Material: Cast iron

Diameter: 8 in/10 in

Item Weight: 7.55 lbs

Includes: 100 sheets of parchment paper

As well as being a useful and versatile tool for ambitious cooks or even beginners, the traditional shape and cast iron construction of this tortilla press make it a countertop conversation piece. Our only warning is that you might find yourself a little too popular once your friends and neighbors have tried your fresh, fluffy tortillas and other delicacies! As with all our preseasoned cast iron products, the surface is naturally non-stick, although you'll need to season it regularly to keep it in perfect condition and avoid rust, especially when storing it for longer periods.