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Cast Iron Skillet Set


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ARRIVES   29 Sep - 1 Oct, 2021

In Stock

ARRIVES   29 Sep - 1 Oct, 2021

In Stock

ARRIVES   29 Sep - 1 Oct, 2021







👉 Consistency and Ease of Use

These Uno Casa cast-iron pan sets were built to provide you with consistent cooking times by retaining and distributing heat evenly. The natural non-stick coating prevents food from burning, and also makes it quick and easy to clean! The sets come in various cast iron pan sizes so you’ll have every size you need to cook a variety of meals at home. Whether you want to cook an entire meal for two, or a simple breakfast for one, this set is perfect!

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⭐ Long-Lasting Quality

When properly maintained, high-quality cast iron skillets like these will last for decades. Pass these skillets down generations to create your own family traditions!

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Practical, Ergonomic Design

Like any truly good-quality cast-iron skillet, Uno Casa cast iron skillets have two built-in handles, making them easy to handle. Out skillet set also comes with special silicone handle covers that will keep your hands safe from temperatures of up to 450°F!

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✅ Multiple Uses

This Uno Casa skillet set is more than just pans in various sizes. These skillets can do it all! Use them as oven dishes, grill pans, or even saucepans. Once you use these skillets, you'll be amazed at just how versatile they are.


Limitless Cooking Styles to Explore

You can do so much more with a cast-iron pan set than regular pans. These pans can be used to make a wide range of foods, from roasted meats and stews to soups and casseroles. In fact, there's very little you can't cook in them!



Excited to share my recipe for my savory chive and cheddar skillet pancake using @unocasahome skillet.



This is a BOMB apple cobbler with a thick cinnamony, crumble topping. I made it in this @unocasahome cast iron skillet and it came out perfectly!! Love all their products. They are sooo easy to clean and love the price point.



Growing up learning how to cook was something my mother wanted all four of her children to learn. Which is probably why I love cooking so much, especially with my @unocasahome cast iron skillet, just like my grandma! ⁣

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Sophia E.
We love them!

I bought these as a gift for my husband, but of course I use them too. We both love them! It's super easy to clean them and I love the rubber handles that comes with the package! You can cook with them essentially anywhere - we do most of our cooking on the stove or in the oven, but my husband likes to use them on a grill too.

Best Cast Iron Pans Ever!

Absolutely love these cast iron pans! Been using them ever since I bought them and they have not rusted at all! I Highly recommend these cast iron pans

Patrick M.
Excellent heat distribution

The only quirk is that the cooking surface could be a bit smoother. Other than that I love cooking with these cast iron skillets.

Teresa J.
So proud to have my own pans

I appreciate having them so much, I still have memories of my Grandma using them. Hopefully I'm going to have them for a long time.

Keith L.
Great value for money, love them

So happy I decided to purchase a pre-season and ready to use pans. I've been using them ever since literally everytime I cook. Love the silicon handles and the scrapers come in handy when cleaning.

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What's included:


    2 Cast-iron skillets, pre-seasoned and ready to use

    Cast iron skillet sizes: 10-inch cast-iron skillet & 12-inch cast-iron skillet

    2 Silicone handle covers. No need to worry about picking up theses pans and burning your hands. The silicone covers will protect your skin no matter what you are cooking!

    2 Skillet scrapers. The skillet scrapers make maintaining your pans simple. They are perfect for keeping your cast-iron skillet set spotless.

    1 Recipe e-book. A handy guide, packed with recipes made specifically for these pans so you'll never run out of inspiration!

How the Product Works:

  • When it comes to pans, cast-iron skillets open up a world of new cooking ideas, and they're super easy to use!

    However, don't forget it is made of a different material than regular pans, so cooking with cast iron skillet requires slightly different care. Here's a basic guide:

    Before you buy a new cast-iron skillet set, you should know how to:

    Clean cast iron - To clean your iron cast pan, use the skillet scrapers to scrub off any food residue, wash with a paste of coarse salt and water, using hot water to loosen any stubborn food. Towel dry.

    Season cast iron - The skillet should be seasoned after every cleaning or when it's been in storage for a while. Before putting it away, season it by applying a thin layer of vegetable oil with a paper towel.

    Luckily, all of this is super simple, especially if you take proper care of your good cast-iron skillet. Pre-seasoned skillets are convenient because you can start cooking straight away, and the Una Casa cast-iron skillet set comes pre-seasoned, so there is no need to prepare them. But don't forget to keep maintaining it over the years.

    Don't let learning how to cook in a cast iron skillet or learning how to clean a cast iron frying pan frighten you off! Once you figure out how to use a cast iron skillet you will wonder why you didn't make the switch earlier!

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