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Cast Iron Skillet Set

The Uno Casa 2pc Cast Iron Skillet Set consists of one 12 in and one 10 in cast iron skillet. Each skillet incorporates twin ergonomic handles and twin pouring spouts and comes complete with heat resistant silicone handle covers and specially designed scrapers for cleaning.

Material: cast iron

Size: 10 in + 12 in

Quantity: 2

Includes: 2x silicone handles covers, 2x skillet scrapers and recipe e-book

In fact, once you're used to cooking with your new skillets, you'll find yourself using them at every opportunity. The even temperature distribution, heat retention, and ergonomic design are streets ahead of the average saucepan, oven dish or grill pan - and our skillets do all three jobs in one! The secret to excellent cooking is consistency, and using our skillets gives you the confidence that your food will turn out perfectly time after time.