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Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven


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ARRIVES   21 Apr - 23 Apr, 2021

In Stock

ARRIVES   21 Apr - 23 Apr, 2021







Slow and Steady

- Uno Casa Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Ovens heat up evenly and retain heat for hours on end. This means they are ideal for slow-cooking dishes like meats, casseroles, and soups. When it comes to cooking, slow means extra flavor!


Extremely Low Maintenance

- Our Dutch oven pots are coated with high-quality black enamel, which creates a natural non-stick surface over time. This means you will only need to use a small amount of oil in your recipes! No need to worry about food sticking! Because of the coating and the non-stick surface, it's almost impossible to burn food in a cast-iron Dutch pot, so you will spend less time cleaning it!


Durable and Robust

- Cast-iron enamel Dutch ovens are sturdy and durable. They are also chip-resistant and, unlike regular cast-iron, they will not rust or discolor with time, use, or water.


Easy to Maintain

- An enameled cast-iron pot does not require seasoning because of its enamel coating. It is easy to clean with warm soapy water. Over time, the surface will only improve and you won't even need to do anything other than cook as usual to reap those benefits!


Rainfall Effect for Maximum Flavor

- The small bumps on the inside of the lid of the Dutch oven cast iron pot were added to make sure that you get the best-tasting food possible out of your Dutch oven. The purpose of this design is to create a rainfall effect inside the pot. This will make sure that the moisture and seasonings you are cooking with continuously bast your food for a fully flavorsome meal.


No more dry meat or dull vegetable

- they will all cook perfectly with only a small amount of liquid! With this cast iron covered pot, you'll have everything you need to cook a wide range of nutritious and delicious meals with minimal effort.


Satin Black Enamel

Unlike the normal glossy or smooth enamel on lighter colored enamel finishes, the satin black enamel on the Uno Casa Double Dutch Oven was created to handle high temperatures. High temperatures can be detrimental to lighter colored enameled finishes. You have nothing to fear when using Uno Casa's enameled cookware!



While staying safe at home over the past few months, I’ve been having fun experimenting and trying out new things I would usually have put off in normal busy life! If you are someone like me who lives for new opportunities, adventures, and products - then check out @unocasahome !!!



@unocasahome makes whipping up my famous Buffalo Chicken Dip so easy with this great dutch oven. Not only can I quickly and easily cook it in just one pot, but it will also keep it hot for hours (which makes it perfect for serving).



Personally I'm a fan of one pot recipes because it means less dishes! We tried out our new #unocasa cast iron dutch oven while camping last week and it was the perfect pot for everything we made!

what's New

What's Included:


    1 Cast iron enameled pot. This timeless pot will quickly become a treasured family heirloom that you will feel proud to pass down through the generations.

    Material: Enameled cast iron

    Capacity: 6qt

    Diameter: 11in

    Item Weight: 14.5 pounds

    1 Lid. The stainless steel lid knob on the lid allows you to use the casserole dish in the oven, even when it's really hot!

    2 Silicone handle covers. 1 Silicone mat. The silicone handle covers and mat will protect your hands and kitchen tops from the heat. You'll be able easily and safely move the cast-iron round pot from the stovetop to the dinner table.

    1 Recipe e-book. With this handy recipe book, you learn just how convenient and versatile this cookware really is. From using it as a casserole dish to using it as a cast iron stock pot, or even as a roasting dish, the options are limitless!

How it Works:

  • The Uno Casa Cast Iron Enamel Dutch Oven is one of the most straightforward kitchen tools you will find.

    Using a Dutch oven can help save you time and effort, and it won't take long before you start wowing all of your friends and family with all you can do with your cast iron cookware.

    Here's a basic guide to getting you going:

    Although it is made with cast-iron, the enameled oven does not need to be seasoned; you can start cooking straight away without any effort!

    Bake, boil, saute, braise, roast, stew, or fry your food in single or multiple layers. Whether you enjoy traditional recipes or experimenting with exotic food, this pot is perfect for infusing a world of flavors into your meals!

    The pot has a non-stick surface, so only a small amount of oil is required for this type of cooking.

    Remember, the small bumps on the lid will maintain moisture, so just a splash of water is required! The water will condense and drop back into the ingredients, keeping your veggies moist and the meat juicy.

    To clean your pot, simply wash with warm soapy water and towel dry.


    You can use your Dutch oven in oven settings or on stovetops! The silicone accessories will prevent you from getting burnt as you effortlessly move it from one location to the next!

    Cast iron enamel cookware will last for several years, or even decades and this product is no different. This is the perfect heirloom cookware to pass down from generation to generation. Start a new family tradition!

What's included

Compared to others, Uno Casa Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven gives you best quality for affordable price


Customer Reviews

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Enameled Cast Iron Dutch Oven



What a pot

At first I was worried and not sure if I was going to be able to use this for baking bread. To my surprise it’s the best pot for making bread. I give it 10 stars if I could. My only negative remark would be when I ordered it showed a red/black pot what I got is an all black cast iron pot, I’m not mad at that but it was miss leading.

Excellent casserole

The product feels strong and well build. Also, the paint looks solid and should last for a long time.

Outstanding product!

Love our bright red Uno Casa enameled cast iron dutch oven! I just tried it out for a small dinner party -- prepared an Italian fish stew and it worked brilliantly! Can't wait to use it on the (induction) stove top! Beautiful!

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