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Lightweight and compact

We make the HomeBuddy pizza peels from lightweight food-grade aluminum. The pizza peel's handle is made of light wood and is fixed with a unique pin, so the handle won't move around when the pin is in place. You can comfortably make pizzas all night long! Storing the HomeBuddy aluminum peel is easy. Simply press in the pin and fold the handle by untightening the handle's wood-covered screw. Once it's folded, the peel is extremely compact, takes up very little space, and can easily be transported.


Just the right size

HomeBuddy pizza paddles are 12" x 14" (folded) but extends to 12" x 25" when the handle is unfolded. It’s the perfect length to protect you from the heat as you slide your pizza in or out of the oven! The metal pizza peel is perfectly sized for preparing standard medium (12”) or small pizzas. The handle is stylish and just the right size to comfortably carry your pizza from place to place.


Great extra accessories

The HomeBuddy pizza peel comes with two handy extras. We’ve included a high-quality food-grade aluminum pan which is great for cooking pizza in an oven & a stainless steel pizza cutter with an ergonomic wooden handle. The pan can double up as a serving platter for your family or friends and with the pizza cutter, your pizza will be sliced and ready to serve in minutes. These pizza peel accessories will make your pizza nights even better!


Pizza ideas and secrets

Let us help you spice up your pizza game! We include a tried and tested pizza dough and toppings recipe ebook with our pizza peels. You won't ever be stuck using the same pizza topping over and over again! Whether you like a deep-dish pizza pie or a crispy thin crust pizza, we give you all the best recipes out there.


Excellent quality

When it comes to making pizza peels, quality materials are essential. We make our HomeBuddy pizza spatulas with food-grade aluminum and high-quality bamboo wood, so they are equally durable and attractive!

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What's Included:


    The HomeBuddy pizza peel set contains three quality tools that make pizza-making at home easier and quicker. If you have an oven to cook pizza in and the ingredients, this set is all you need to make your own tasty pizzas at home. 

    Included in the set:

  • 1 x Aluminum pizza peel with a wooden handle

    Light, ergonomic, and easy-to-use, HomeBuddy pizza peels make pizza-making easier, less messy, and quicker. 

    Product size: 12" x 14" - perfect for a 12-inch size pizza.

    Color: Silver and bamboo wood 

    Material: Food-grade aluminum pizza peel sheet with a handle made of bamboo wood

  • 1 x Pizza cutting blade

    Color: Silver and bamboo wood 

    Material: Stainless steel blade with a handle made of bamboo wood

    The pizza cutter is perfect for helping you to cut through your pizza quickly and easily. It will be ready to serve in minutes.

  • 1 x Aluminum pan

    Product size: 12” x 12” 

    Color: Silver and bamboo wood

    Material: Food-grade aluminum 

    Our pizza pan included in the set is an excellent extra to get you started making and serving the best pizzas in town.

  • Pizza recipe ebook

    The handy downloadable pizza recipe ebook has all the recipes you need to make a delicious pizza. It will inspire you to use your pizza oven paddle as often as you can. 

How the product works:


    HomeBuddy pizza peels make light work of transforming a disk of dough with some toppings into steaming hot, delicious pizza. It is the perfect tool for placing a pizza in the pizza oven, rotating them as they cook, and then removing the pizza from the oven. 

  • How to use your pizza paddle:

    • Prepare your pizza by shaping your dough.
    • Flour the surface of the peel and place your dough down.
    • Move the pizza board around in a gentle jerking motion, so the dough slides on the peel (watch out that it doesn't slide off!)
    • Add your toppings and slightly jerk the peel again to make sure it's not sticking.
    • Slide the pizza off the pizza shovel into the oven.
    • Bake.
    • Slide the peel underneath the pizza to take it out again. 
    • Your pizza is ready to slice and serve!
  • How to use the pan:

    After you take your pizza out with the pizza peel, slide it onto the pan, slice, and serve!

  • How to use the pizza cutter:

    Once you've taken your pizza out and placed it on the pan, use your pizza knife to cut it into slices.

What's included


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