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Taco Holder Set (6pcs)

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ARRIVES   3 Mar - 5 Mar, 2024

In Stock

ARRIVES   3 Mar - 5 Mar, 2024








The Ultimate Taco Set

What's better than digging into tacos? Having a Mexican feast where all your friends and family also enjoy these delicious dinner treats! The Uno Casa taco holder set makes light work of preparing and serving a whole bunch of tacos at a time. Each taco shell holder set comes with 6 taco holders that can hold 3 tacos each. That means this set will hold a whooping 18 tacos! So, you can easily serve up your famous tacos to a table full of friends and family .


Excellent Design

Tacos are messy! And having all of those delicious fillings to end up in a mess on your plate can take the fun out of the meal. Nobody wants to use a spoon to eat tacos! Easily fill your tacos to maximum capacity with Uno Casa’s metal taco holders. These taco holders are U-shaped instead of the standard V-shape meaning that it will be even easier to load your tacos with your favorite fillings. AND those fillings will stay inside your taco where they belong, and you won’t need to do crazy gymnastics to keep them from falling over! Whether you're having a Mexican fiesta, Taco Tuesday, or just enjoying tacos for dinner, these taco trays will make your meal even more enjoyable!


Perfect 24/7

For breakfast, use your taco holder to make your own creative version of huevos rancheros. Whip up some slow cooked pulled pork tacos on the weekend for a nice brunch. Make weekday taco lunch or dinners using anything and everything, from leftover vegetables to roasted chicken. The options are endless and you can make some super healthy versions as well. Beans are an excellent protein source, easy to prepare, and delicious in tacos any time of day!


Not Just for Serving Tacos

The Uno Casa metal taco holder is not just something for serving up delicious tacos to hungry guests. This stainless steel taco holder is heat resistant, so you can use it in the oven too. These taco shell holders are perfect for turning soft maize tortillas into those crunchy hard shells we all love. They’re also great for baking your tacos in the oven; just remember to use oven mitts, so you don't burn your hands!


Never run out of inspiration

The Uno Casa taco holder set also comes with a taco recipe book that you can keep in your kitchen to provide you with inspiration everytime you want or need to show off your taco prep skills! But that is not all! This taco holder set also comes with an e-book that you can download full of exciting new recipes for making your own tortillas! Take your next taco night to a whole new level!


Safety First

Each taco tray holder is designed to be super safe. These holders are made with stainless steel so they will not rust and have been carefully crafted to not have sharp edges. The convenient handles on each end will allow you to take your tacos wherever you want hassle-free AND you won't risk making a mess with all the hot-off-the-grill fillings.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Fran R.
Quality Product

Good product

Linda R.
Very good!

Perfect, it arrived today and I decided to buy another pack of 3!

Quality Product

It is made with quality material, not flimsy like some others I have seen. Looks like they will last a long time - great quality for this price.

Gabbie J.
Love this holder!

The holder is great for when you make homemade shells and when you serve tacos.

Worth it!

Very sturdy high quality material. Loved rounded bottoms.

what's New

What's Included:


    This taco holder set is exactly what you need to take your Mexican dinner parties to the next level or make mid-week meals simpler - precisely what you need after a long day at work. 


    6 x Taco holders, all made from durable stainless steel. Each taco holder can hold 3 tacos.

  • Material used for constructing the taco holders:

    Stainless steel.

    Only premium quality food-grade stainless steel is used to make the Uno Casa holders. The taco holders’ metal material is rust-proof, 100% non-toxic, and BPA-free. This makes the stainless steel taco holders safe to use; grill, oven, and dishwasher safe; as well as durable.

  • Size:

     8,6 x 3.9 x 1.9 inches

  • Item Weight:

    0.44 lbs

How the Product Works:


    With an Uno Casa taco stand, you won't need to worry about your taco fillings falling out and making a mess. You will also be able to cram more filling into your tacos, which means more flavor to enjoy! Whether you use the taco holder stand as a soft taco holder or for hard shell tacos, the process is similar:


    • Prepare all the ingredients for your favorite fillings. You could whip up a pot of chili with ground beef or beans, shredded pork, or spicy chicken. Add some greens, your favorite cheese, pico de gallo or salsa, herbs like cilantro, guacamole, and sour cream. 
    • Place the metal taco stands on the table, ready to be filled!
    • Add your ingredients and enjoy!
  • To clean your taco racks:

    Holders are used for keeping tacos upright and fillings packed in tight. Your taco rack holder will have to be cleaned after every use; this is how:


    • Remove all food residue and wash the taco holder with warm soapy water or clean in the dishwasher.
    • Thoroughly dry, and store until the next Mexican Monday or another taco-making event that calls for a taco shell rack or two.


    The taco holder stand design allows you to easily stack them together.  You will need minimal storage space for these taco holders. 

What's included


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