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July 26, 2020 2 min read

Beef tagine is a tantalizing labor of love that takes hours to slowly cook and simmer. But it's well worth the time needed to cook up this Moroccan delicacy because all that time cooking ensures that this beef tagine is mouthwateringly tender and bursting with juicy goodness!

The smells, tastes, and flavors of Morocco might be difficult to replicate at home, but with a tagine pot and a few spices, you can recreate authentic North African recipes in your own kitchen.

Here's our tantalizingly tender beef tagine recipe!


Beef tagine recipes FAQ

What can I serve with Moroccan beef stew?

Beef tagine can be served up with a wonderful range of accompaniments and side dishes, but if you're really looking for authenticity, then the only thing you should be serving up the dish with at dinner time is couscous!

This delicious North African staple is readily available in shops and really easy to cook up at home. Boil the couscous then flavor it at the end with some spices or just a dash of salt and pepper.

How long should I let my stewing beef marinate for?

If you have the time beforehand to prepare your beef and spices well in advance, your dish will be much more delicious. Aim for 24 hours, if you can.

We understand this isn't always possible, but at least let the spices mix into the beef for an hour if you forgot the night before!

Can I make beef tagine ahead of time?

Yes! Definitely!

In fact, the earlier you start preparing and leaving the beef to mix with the spices, and the longer you keep the beef tagine simmering for in your tagine pot, the more delicious it's going to be.

You can make the whole stew in advance and warm it up later on too!

Can I freeze beef tagine?

One thing we don't really recommend is freezing your beef tagine, but if you need to, it's certainly possible. Make sure you let the beef tagine cool down first, then place it in ziplock bags or resealable containers that are suitable for freezing.

When it's time to defrost, let it thaw naturally on the side to keep in as much flavor as you can, rather than defrosting in the microwave.

Beef Tagine Takeaways

Bring the delicious tastes and spices of North Africa to your home kitchen, with our delicious Moroccan beef tagine recipe! Why not bookmark this recipe for later, so you can cook up a Moroccan feast for the whole family?

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