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May 14, 2020 2 min read

Looking for breakfast ideas with eggs that would be easy to prepare and would feed the whole family? You are in the right place. The following breakfast bake is made from eggs, sausage, and cheese. It can be made ahead of time and simply popped in the oven in the morning. 

This is more of a traditional breakfast casserole recipe; however, you can easily adapt it to your taste. Try adding mushrooms, peas, or more veggies, like spinach, broccoli, or zucchini. It's a perfect opportunity to mix in those veggies kids don't like. You could also try swapping cheddar for Swiss cheese, or if you want more of a kick, maybe add some parmesan? 

How to make egg breakfast casserole


Can I make egg and sausage casserole beforehand?

Absolutely. Breakfast casseroles are perfect for those mornings when you're pressed for time and need to feed a large family. (We're looking at you Christmas morning!) 

You can make this egg casserole the night before or up to 2 days in advance. All you need to do is follow the recipe below and do everything except baking it. Just pour the egg and sausage breakfast casserole mix into a dish, cover it with a plastic wrap, and keep it in a fridge. 

Alternatively, you can freeze it for up to 2-3 months. Again, follow the instructions up until the time you need to bake it. Cover your egg-bake-to-be with a plastic wrap, and add a layer of tinfoil. Before cooking, thaw it in a refrigerator overnight. Then let it come to room temperature, and bake it in the oven preheated to 350°F.


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