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May 13, 2020 2 min read

Melty, gooey, savory, and crispy - oh, there are probably no things greater than a lovely cheese quesadilla. It's both very easy to make and inexpensive, making this a great Tex Mex option that beats anything out of a fast-food joint.

So grab an ovenproof skillet and follow this easy recipe for cheese quesadillas!


Perfecting your cheese quesadillas

This cheese quesadilla recipe is very simple and very easy to follow. And no wonder! After all, there are only two main components - tortillas and cheese. But even then, there are a few things you should consider before you start.

First, the tortillas.Flour tortillas work best here. And generally speaking, any store brand would do. As a matter of fact, just a little spritz of water before cooking can even bring some old stale tortillas back to life, making them perfect for these cheese quesadillas.

But if you wish for the ultimate experience (and a good way to save money!) definitely consider making some homemade tortillas that will bring these cheese quesadillas to a completely new league. With a good tortilla press, it's also a very simple process. You may not go back to store-bought ones ever again.

Now, quesadilla cheese. When looking at how to make a cheese quesadilla, you want two things: flavor and gooeyness. Both together - never separate! You may want to load your quesadillas with sharp parmesan, but the flavor would be too strong, and the texture? The less spoken about it, the better. Same way, you may be interested in loading the quesadillas with soft mozzarella, but it would just be all the gooeyness with no flavor to match.

In this cheese quesadilla recipe, I used a combination of cheddar and white cheeses. In fact, the "Mexican cheese" you may find in bags at the store, is very likely just the blend of cheddar and Monterey jack, a very popular white cheese!

When put together, they make a perfect combination of flavor and texture. But you can play by your own rules, and mix in some mozzarella, or even American cheese. The golden rule is to have a cup of cheese for each 9-inch quesadilla. What it may be, depends on what you have or can get!

Then, it's all about the extras. I really recommend adding a bit of fresh parsley in your cheese quesadillas. It's a nice note that cuts through the rich flavors and makes everything so much better. You can add jalapenos as well, for a nice little kick. Some people also love adding a bit of extra cream cheese (ideally, smeared on a tortilla before cooking). These are plain cheese quesadillas, after all - so you add some toppings of your own to make it just a little bit personal.

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