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July 03, 2020 2 min read

Breakfast tacos are a perfect fusion food. It is all the convenience of a taco with the delicious ingredients we all love for breakfast. This breakfast taco recipe combines fluffy scrambled eggs, crispy (or chewy) bacon, and golden fried potatoes with a few added Tex-Mex flavors, all wrapped in soft flour tortillas.

While you can use store-bought flour tortillas for our breakfast tacos recipe, but it's not nearly as delicious as making your own. Nothing compares to a taco made with a hot, fresh tortilla straight out of the pan. All you need is a tortilla press, a flat skillet pan, and a taco holder. It's worth the extra effort, we promise!

Follow the steps below to create perfect breakfast tacos every time.


Breakfast Tacos FAQ

Can classic breakfast tacos be vegetarian or vegan?

Of course. To have vegetarian or vegan breakfast tacos, switch out the bacon for your favorite meat-free alternative. You can also leave this step out altogether to create a simple potato-and-egg taco. Remember to use vegetarian or vegan cheese as appropriate.

What other kind of breakfast tacos are there?

Aside from bacon, potato, and egg breakfast tacos, another popular combination is sausage, potato, and egg tacos. Just swap the bacon in the recipe above with breakfast sausage or fried sausage meat.

You can also combine both sausage and bacon for an extra meaty breakfast taco; just remember to drain before adding to the taco shells to avoid your breakfast tacos becoming too greasy.

If you want your breakfast tacos to have more of a Mexican influence, you can add refried beans instead of potatoes and use chopped spicy chorizo sausage in place of the bacon. If you're brave enough to eat chili first thing in the morning, add a chopped jalapeno to the skillet to turn up the heat!

When can you eat breakfast tacos?

Anytime! You can eat breakfast tacos any time you want. Tacos are delicious any time of the day - brunch, lunch, dinner, or just as a snack.

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