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November 13, 2020 5 min read

Campfire pizza is our secret passion! Yes, you can cook up a fresh camping pizza with nothing more than a blazing fire pit and a Dutch oven. Okay, it helps to have some pre-prepared pizza dough and a lot of cheese, but this is one meal you’ll wonder how you ever lived without creating!

The next time you're in the backwoods, try this fantastic recipe. 

A specialized camping Dutch oven helps you cook the perfect fire baked pizza, but it’s really all about the ingredients you bring to the camping table. Some people try to cook pizza with pie iron like this one, so you may want to try as well. Our most popular camp pizza is classic pepperoni with a mound of mozzarella and cheddar on top. But don't limit your imagination; why not bring along all your favorite pizza ingredients?

Keep reading to discover the decadent delights of our campfire pizza recipe!


Campfire pizza FAQ

Simple, right? Heat up the fire, grease your oven, add your ingredients, and melt your cheese! But just in case you had any burning queries or questions regarding our campfire pizza recipes, here’s a quick FAQ!

How to make a campfire

Okay, so there’s no campfire pizza without a campfire. In fact, having a good fire is probably the most essential part of the entire process, so it’s good to know how to actually put one together. If your coals don’t get hot enough, it will take quite a bit longer to make campfire pizza.

Here’s a quick guide:


Fires need three things to survive, fuel, heat, and oxygen. Let’s start by selecting our fuel. There are two significant sources of fuel you can use when you’re out camping:

  1. Wood 
  2. Coal

If you opt for wood, then you need to make sure it's totally dry and that you’re allowed to use it. Don’t just go chopping down any old trees, particularly if you’re in a nature reserve.

Green or wet wood won’t burn as hot as dry wood, causing heavy smoking and not enough heat production to cook your pizza. You need super-dry wood that hasn’t been treated and isn’t green. Look for dry wood on the ground or pick up a pre-prepared bag from the store. Campsites often supply firewood, too. 

Coal is often easier to get a hold of and to get going. If you choose to use coal, just bring along a big charcoal bag to the campsite, the same sort you use on your barbecue. 

-Building your fire

With your fuel ready, it’s time to build your campfire. 

You need a suitable location. Most campsites will have some type of fire pit for you to use. 

Use these locations where you can to avoid damaging any fresh ground. If you’re not that lucky, then pick a solid spot on the ground away from the wind, and pile up as many rocks or stones as you can to form a pit. 

If you’re using wood, then you need to lay down a layer of kindling. On top of the kindling, pile the rest of your wood evenly before lighting the kindling. You now need to wait until your wood has burned itself into coals before you start cooking. 

Never cook on the open flames, be patient, and when you have hot coals, that’s the time to start cooking pizza.

Alternatively, you can skip this stage entirely by piling up a mound of charcoal in your firepit. You need enough to bury your Dutch oven. Light the coals with lighters or kindling, and let them burn off into red hot embers. When the flames have died down, it’s time to cook!

Can I put my Dutch oven in the campfire?

Traditional Dutch ovens are made of heavy cast iron, and yes, they can be safely placed in the campfire. We always recommend opting for a specialized camping Dutch oven, which should come with cast iron legs that allow you to stand it up in the fire pit. 

It should be noted; however, that enameled Dutch ovens aren’t suitable for campfire cooking. Enameled Dutch ovens are incredibly popular in the kitchen, but that’s where they need to stay. Bring your delicate enamelware camping, and it’s quickly going to chip away in the rough fire pit!

How will I know if my crust is thoroughly cooked?

Your crust is ready when it starts to brown, and the edges are crispy. 

After 10 minutes have gone by, check to see if the edges are crispy. If they are not, cover with coals again and leave for another 3-5 minutes, 

Can you cook frozen pizza on a campfire?

Frozen pizza? Yes, it is possible to cook frozen pizza over the campfire. If you’re running late and don’t have time to prepare the dough and gather your other ingredients, then it’s all too easy to prepare frozen fire cooked pizza. 

While frozen pizza doesn’t cook well on a grate or in a Dutch oven, you can easily replicate the oven-like conditions it needs using a pie iron. Yes, you read that correctly, a pie iron!

Simply slice your frozen pizza up into squares (although by this point, it’s probably already thawed by the time you reach your campsite), and place one square at a time into the pie iron. You can cook your individual squares of frozen pizza directly in the fire.

The more pie irons you have for this method, the quicker you’re going to get the job done!

Can I make the dough at the campsite? 

We strongly recommend preparing your pizza dough when you’re at home, as it’s much easier to do this in a fully equipped kitchen than at your campsite. Your dough should stay fresh enough if you keep it in the cooler and use it within 48 hours of preparing it at home.

Of course, that’s up to you, and if you have the right ingredients and utensils, then it’s always possible to do this at the campsite. 

What else can I add to my pizza?

You can add mushrooms, bell peppers, or spicy chilis. Cook up some ground sausage beforehand or add some ham (maybe even pineapple). You can even crack an egg in the middle when you add the cheese (and we never say no to more cheese, either!)

The possibilities are endless when preparing your own pizza on a dutch oven pizza camping trip!

How do you like your campfire pizza?

Now you know how to make campfire pizza, with nothing more than a Dutch oven and a roaring fire. We love how straightforward our pepperoni recipe is. There really isn’t much to worry about or much to bring with you on the camping trip, but there’s so much more room for variation, or what you might call ‘improvement.’

How do you like your campfire pizza? Why not bookmark our recipe and learn how to make campfire pizza on your next backwoods camping excursion? 

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