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May 06, 2020 1 min read

Everyone loves chicken burritos, but we don't all love the mess that can happen when your burrito falls apart mid-bite, and you end up wearing half of your lunch! Our shredded chicken burrito recipe solves that problem for you, with a juicy filling made of refried beans, cheese, and Mexican red rice, which holds all the ingredients together, so your chicken burritos remain intact from the first bite to the last.

This chicken burritos recipe is ideal for preparing a family picnic, office lunch, or even a quick snack on the go. They're perfect for freezing, so you can make a large batch and save some for later. You can cook them from frozen in just 40 minutes in a medium oven. For authentic Mexican chicken burritos, you should make your own tortillas - all you need is a tortilla press like this and our handy guide on how to make flour tortillas!

Follow this quick and easy recipe and you will be serving up chicken burritos right out of your cast iron skillet in no time at all!


Don't forget to add your favorite brand of hot sauce to give the chicken burritos that extra spicy kick!

For a vegetarian version of this burrito recipe, chicken can be switched out and replaced with firm tofu pieces, or even falafel.

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