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May 06, 2020 2 min read

This hearty steak, cheese, and rice burrito is a meal in itself, or a substantial snack for two to share. What makes this beef burrito recipe extra special is the rice, which is cooked along with the beans in salsa for an extra dash of flavor.

It's like a traditional burrito Mexicano recipe but taken to the next level. You can also use this recipe as the basis for a delicious dish of baked burritos - just follow the instructions below, and then bake your completed steak burritos in a greased cast iron skillet for 30 minutes.

To make this steak burrito recipe truly authentic, prepare your own homemade tortillas from scratch. It's effortless, all you need is a tortilla press (cast iron), and a pan or skillet.



For a different take on this burrito recipe, beef steak can be switched out for chicken breast strips or pork tenderloin strips. If you're following a restricted-fat diet, you can even use turkey for a healthier alternative. If you have leftover roast meat from a family dinner, such as roast beef or chicken, you can use this instead, just tear into strips or chunks and fry in the skillet as described above.

If you want to create an even spicier dish, you can season your steak strips with a mixture of powdered chili, paprika, and garlic powder in place of the black pepper. Or, for extra heat, add some fresh chopped jalapenos to the skillet as you cook your steak, making sure to stir a few times to distribute the flavor evenly.

You can also customize the recipe further by making your own fresh guacamole. Simply mash up some ripe avocado with finely chopped garlic, tomato, red onion, coriander, and salt (and maybe some jalapenos for an extra kick. To save yourself time, combine all the ingredients apart from the avocado in a food processor and blend to a smooth paste, then mash this into the avocado.

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