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November 19, 2020 5 min read

Everyone loves tortillas. They’re an easy to make, versatile flatbread that you can use for burritos, tacos, falafel wraps, fajitas, and so much more!

But what if you’re gluten intolerant? You may believe that tortillas are entirely off-limits for you, that you’ll never be able to enjoy a delicious gluten-free burrito wrap.... 

Well, we’re here to tell you that’s not the case. With some gluten-free flour and a few other ingredients, you too can make and enjoy delicious tortillas! In this article, we’ll show you exactly how to create mouthwatering gluten-free tortillas that taste just as delicious as their gluten-heavy counterparts.

These gluten-free flour tortillas use just five ingredients, mainly things you will already have in your pantry. They’re quick and easy to make, and you can fill them with all sorts of different types of fillings. You certainly won’t be feeling like you’re missing out on your next Mexican night! 

Let’s take a look at how to make these gluten-free wraps.


Storing the tortillas 

These tortillas are at their best when you eat them straight away. However, if you are cooking them for later, you can easily store them. They are a little more difficult to keep than tortillas that you may buy from the store because they are less moist and can crack easier. 

While you are cooking the tortillas, keep a plastic storage bag close at hand. Then, while these tortillas are still warm, move the tortillas to a plastic storage bag. Seal the bag up – if you can seal the bag while the tortillas are still warm, this means that they will stay soft and flexible. 

If you don’t have a storage bag, you can also use a large Tupperware container to keep the tortillas moist. This doesn’t work quite as well, as the seal isn’t as strong. However, it’s a reliable alternative – just make sure the wraps don’t get brittle.

Notes for making gluten-free flour tortillas

  • To make the best gluten-free wraps, ensure that your water is warm enough. It’s best to heat it up a little before using it. However, it shouldn’t be boiling – it should be comfortable to touch! 
  • While you are rolling tortillas, make sure that you cover the tortilla mix to keep it moist.
  • Make sure that you stick to vegetable oil. Generally, we use canola oil. 
  • Try out a few different types of gluten-free flour to see which will be best for tortillas. 
  • Separate your dough balls out at the same time to ensure that they all end up the same thickness. 
  • Grease your skillet well, but not so much that your tortillas are sitting in oil. If you need to, re-grease afterward. 
  • If you use a cast-iron skillet, you may need a higher temperature than a non-cast iron skillet.

Gluten-free tortillas FAQ

Which tortillas are gluten-free? 

Wheat tortillas are not gluten-free, unless you use this gluten-free vegan tortillas recipe, of course! Most corn wraps are made with a type of cornflour and are naturally gluten-free. That being said, if you are strictly gluten-free, it’s essential to check individual brands for cross-contamination. 

Do I need a tortilla press for these tortilla wraps? 

While you don’t necessarily need a tortilla press for this gluten-free tortilla recipe, it will be much easier if you do. With a tortilla press, you can ensure that you have a dedicated thickness for each press, whereas if you use a rolling pin, you need to be really careful that your tortillas are thin enough without breaking. 

Tortilla presses provide an ideal consistency and thickness every time, and they are also a fantastic centerpiece for any tortilla-making parties! 

Are gluten-free tortillas vegan? 

This recipe is completely dairy and egg-free, so if you want to enjoy homemade vegan tortillas, look no further than this recipe! However, not all tortillas – gluten-free or gluten-containing – are vegan. 

Some contain milk, butter, or even lard, and there is always the possibility that they could have eggs in them as well. Make sure that you always consult the ingredients before purchasing, or better still, make your own with this vegan tortilla recipe! 

Are gluten-free tortillas low carb? 

Not necessarily. Gluten-free foods are still carbs – sometimes gluten-free items can be even more carb-heavy than their gluten counterparts! While this recipe certainly makes healthy homemade tortillas, they cannot be classified as low carb. 

If you are looking for low carb gluten free tortillas, you might be better off making tortillas using an alternative flour, such as almond flour or coconut flour. These will still be gluten-free, but they will add minimal carbs to your homemade tortillas. 

What can I make with tortillas wraps? 

These gluten-free and vegan tortilla wraps can be used to make all sorts of delicious sandwich substitutes.

You could go for a classic burrito wrap, with shredded chicken or beef, salad, sour cream, salsa, and guacamole. This is simple to make: simply fry the meat in some spices, chop the salad, and add the sauces before rolling your burrito. Make sure that you roll it right so your fillings don’t fall out! If you’re vegan, you could make a tofu substitute for the meat and use vegan mayonnaise instead of cream. 

Alternatively, what about tacos? Add pork, salsa, refried beans, and cilantro for an authentic Mexican flavor, or try squash or eggplant for meat-free substitutes! Like burritos, tacos are simple to make. Choose your ingredients, add them to the center of the wrap, fold the wrap up, and enjoy! 

Of course, you don’t have to stick to Mexican food. Taste the Middle East with falafel (check that it’s gluten-free before purchasing or make your own!), hummus, and salad – or how about making Indian-inspired gluten-free sandwich wraps? Just make a curry filling and add mango chutney! 

What can I do with leftover tortillas?

If you’ve made too many tortillas, don’t worry – there are plenty of creative ways to use them up, even if you’ve got wrap fatigue! 

One of our favorite ways is to create traditional Mexican tortilla soup. Eaten all over Mexico, this ancient dish uses shredded tortilla pieces, meat, and vegetables in a spiced broth. The tortilla pieces are a staple within the recipe and make it more filling – and gluten-free tortillas work just as well! It’s absolutely delicious, but surprisingly, really easy to make! (Shhh, we won’t tell anyone!)

You could also make delicious gluten-free tortilla chips by ripping your leftover tortillas into shreds and baking or frying them. These can be enjoyed with an authentic Mexican salsa or any other kind of dip. 

Do you fancy pizza night? Your gluten-free tortilla can turn into a pizza base! Just add tomato puree, cheese (vegan cheese if you’re avoiding dairy) and whatever toppings you desire, then pop it in the oven for 15 minutes at 180°F. This is a fantastic way to enjoy pizza without wheat – and it can be made very healthily too!


There are so many amazing recipes to create with gluten-free tortilla wraps – they really are one of the most versatile ingredients for delicious meals! 

If you are coeliac or gluten intolerant, you can still easily enjoy gluten-free flour tortillas that will have you drooling for days after! It’s easy to make these tortillas with just a few simple ingredients, a skillet, and a tortilla press. 

Once you’ve rustled up a batch, you can create delicious burritos, tacos, or any other type of wrap – let your imagination go wild!

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