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April 20, 2020 2 min read

This quirky pineapple cheese casserole may seem strange to some readers, but it's a tried and tested dish in many Southern states. It's quick and easy to prepare, in fact, if you have the ingredients ready to go, you should be able to put our baked pineapple casserole recipe together in as little as 5 or 10 minutes, with another 25 or 30 minutes needed for cooking.

The only equipment you'll need is a casserole dish - we find a medium cast iron casserole dish is perfect for this pineapple casserole - and a can opener for the pineapples (if you don't have ring pull cans!).



Can I prepare this pineapple casserole ahead of time and refrigerate it?

We don't recommend preparing your pineapple casserole ahead of time, simply because the butter and pineapple juice will soak into the cracker crumbs, and so the finished product won't have a crunchy crust. If necessary, you can always prep the ingredients ahead of time (drain the pineapple, crush up the crackers, etc.), and then when it comes to putting it all together you'll have saved a little time.

How long can I store the baked pineapple casserole?

Once it's been cooked, the pineapple casserole can be stored in the refrigerator for four or five days. Make sure you cover it properly with aluminum foil or plastic wrap to avoid it drying out over time. Alternatively, you can transfer any leftovers to a sealable plastic tub for storage.

As with any cooked food, baked pineapple casserole should be stored with care and attention to avoid any danger of food poisoning. You can reheat individual portions of the pineapple casserole in the microwave, or you can heat it up in the oven at 350F for 5 or 10 minutes - just make sure it's hot throughout before serving.

What foods can this pineapple bake recipe be served with?

It's really up to you - this pineapple casserole is a versatile dish that complements a whole range of flavors. Some of the more popular pairings are with baked or roast ham, barbecue food such as brisket or ribs, or as a side dish along with the traditional elements of a Thanksgiving meal. Hey, you can even serve it up alongside sausage, bacon, and eggs for the perfect pineapple breakfast casserole!

Is this pineapple casserole vegetarian or vegan friendly?

It's pretty simple to turn this dish into a vegetarian casserole, you just need to make sure that the cheese you use is vegetarian-friendly - so nothing which contains animal rennet.

To make a vegan version of the baked pineapple casserole is a little more complicated. You'll obviously need to source some vegan cheese - there are a number of options available that work well in a pineapple casserole recipe. You'll also need to swap out the butter for something else to mix with the cracker crumbs in the top layer of the pineapple casserole. We'd recommend trying applesauce, coconut butter, or mashed banana as an alternative.

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