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April 22, 2020 2 min read

This delicious potato dish can be served up as a side to a range of meat and vegetarian dishes, whether for a celebratory meal or to turn a weeknight supper into something a little more special. Hearty and filling, this cheesy mashed potato casserole also makes a perfect comfort food on its own.

Our twice baked potato recipe results in a fluffy, tasty, cheesy potato casserole that your family is sure to love. Be ready for requests for seconds! And once you know how to make potato casserole, you can check out our suggested variations below for an even bigger range of flavors.



This easy potato casserole is a perfect base on which to try out your own ideas, adding new ingredients to give our basic potato bake recipe your own individual twist. A few ideas which we've tried in the past include:

  • Add chopped leftover roast ham or chicken to the cheesy potatoes for a meaty dish.
  • Use red onions or shallots in place of scallions for a sweeter flavor.
  • For a lower-carb cheesy potato casserole, use sweet potato in place of regular potato.
  • To make the ultimate cheesy potato casserole, use extra cheeses such as Monterey Jack, Mozzarella, or Red Leicester.
  • To create a vegan cheesy potato casserole, simply swap the sharp cheddar for vegan cheese, use vegan bacon bits instead of cooking fresh bacon, and remember to use oat or soya milk in place of the cow's milk and cream.

Serving suggestions

Our cheesy potato casserole can be paired with a huge range of different meals. Basically, any time you might serve up baked potatoes as a side, you can be extra decadent by using our cheesy potatoes with bacon and onion instead.

We've served it up with steak, roast meat, barbecue, at Christmas or Thanksgiving, at potluck suppers, and at sports day tailgates. The list is endless, and sometimes so is the line of folks asking for leftovers to take home with them, or begging us for the recipe so they can cook this delicious dish themselves.

If you add in some chicken or ham as we suggest above, then this dish can even be the main meal in itself, perfect as a hearty lunch or dinner on a cold winter day. Try serving it up with some green beans, asparagus, or broccoli as a healthy accompaniment to the luxurious main event!

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