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Shrimp Burrito With Mexican Style Avocado Dressing

April 30, 2020 3 min read

Shrimp Burrito With Mexican Style Avocado Dressing

Everyone loves a burrito, but the same old fillings can get boring after a while. Why not spice things up at your next backyard cookout or grilling session on the beach with our mouth-watering shrimp burritos, including a spicy and tangy chipotle marinade and avocado dressing.

And to make it even more authentic, grab a 10 in tortilla press and follow our tried and tested flour tortilla recipe to make a fresh batch of tortillas for your shrimp burritos. Trust us; they are way better than store-bought tortillas, and so much fun to make. Let's face it, unless you've mixed, pressed and cooked the tortillas yourself; you can't call it an authentic shrimp burrito!

Ingredients for the shrimp

  • One pound shelled and washed shrimp
  • Four chipotle peppers (preferably the canned ones in adobo sauce)
  • One tablespoon of adobo sauce
  • One clove of garlic
  • One tablespoon of honey
  • Three tablespoons of olive oil
  • 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon
  • Three cups of white rice
  • 3/4 cup cilantro leaves
  • The juice from a lime
  • Four flour tortillas (hopefully your homemade ones!)

Ingredients for the avocado dressing

  • Two medium ripe avocados
  • 1/2 cup light sour cream
  • 1 cup green chile sauce


In a food processor, combine the peppers, adobo sauce, garlic, cinnamon, and honey. Add two tablespoons of olive oil and blend together until you have a smooth paste with no lumps.

Mix the shrimp with the paste thoroughly, ensuring it's wholly coated, then transfer the mixture to a sealable freezer bag, and leave it in the refrigerator to marinate for at least a couple of hours.

While that's resting in the fridge, blend together with your avocados (chop into chunks before adding to the blender for best results) with the sour cream, green chile sauce, and a tablespoon of cold water, until smooth. Keep this in the refrigerator until it's time to prepare the burritos.

Cook the rice, and when it's done, fluff it up, mixing in the lime juice and half of the chopped cilantro leaves, then set aside on a low heat to keep warm until serving.

Now, take a skillet pan or cast iron frying pan and place it over medium-high heat, adding a spoonful of olive oil to coat the surface. When the oil is hot, fry the shrimp. Do this in several small batches to keep the pan hot and prevent too much liquid from gathering in the pan - nobody wants a soggy shrimp burrito. Cook each batch for 5 minutes, flipping over regularly.

With the cooking complete, it's time to assemble your shrimp burritos. Toast each tortilla briefly on the stovetop, or microwave for 20-30 seconds to soften them. Add 3/4 of a cup of your warm rice mixture to the middle of a tortilla, spoon over a good portion of shrimp and then add the avocado dressing, enough to cover the shrimp well. Add extra lime juice if you like and garnish with some chopped cilantro before rolling into a burrito.


For a vegetarian "shrimp" burrito, the marinade works well with tofu chunks instead of shrimp, but you'll probably need to increase the time you leave them to marinate - overnight works best.

If you don't like shrimp burritos, or you want an alternative seafood burrito, you can try this recipe with fish instead, just cut into chunks and use as per the method above. You'll need a firm-fleshed fish; for example, monkfish is ideal for this recipe.

If you have extra avocado dressing left over when you've finished building your shrimp burrito, use it as a topping or a dipping sauce - it works really well.

For meat lovers, switch out the shrimp for chicken - but as with the tofu version, you'll need an overnight marinade for the best results. We've even tried a mixed shrimp, chicken, avocado, and chipotle burrito recipe, which was delicious.


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