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November 24, 2020 3 min read

Camping cookies are a great way to bring a little home comfort to the backwoods, and all you need is a tube of cookie dough and a trusty pie iron!

Get the campfire roaring, squeeze your cookie dough into the pie iron, then sit back and watch the red hot embers do their job. Baking cookies in a pie iron is easy, but the results are absolutely delicious. 

To inspire your next camping dessert ideas, here’s our camping cookie recipe!


Camping cookies recipe FAQ

Cookie dough desserts for camping are easy to cook up when you’ve got a pie iron, but keep reading to find out a few tips and tricks that will allow you to really master the art of camping snacks and desserts!

How do I make a campfire?

You can’t make camping cookies unless you have a campfire, so it’s best to get one going as soon as you set up camp. The best way to cook with a pie iron isn’t over flames, however, but over red hot embers. That means you need to let your wood burn down, or you need to add charcoal to the fire. 

Make sure you have a safe spot for your fire. Some camping sites have fire pits, or you might need to make a circle with rocks or bricks to contain the fire. If you can, pick an area that’s already been used for fires, rather than burning up new patches of land. You’ll need to collect dry firewood (make sure it’s okay to do so) or bring along a bag of firewood from home. 

Start by making a pile of wood, and ensure that you have lots of kindling on the bottom. Pile up small pieces of dry wood first. Get this going, then slowly feed the fire with larger pieces until you’ve got it the size you want. Wait for your embers to form, and when the flames have died down, you can start cooking. 

Don’t leave the fire unattended, and remember to put it out before you leave!

What cookie dough is best for camping cookies?

We recommend using Pillsbury chocolate chip cookie dough, as we know it’s super easy to get hold of no matter where you are. It keeps well (you might want to put it in a cooler if you’re taking one camping), it tastes good, and it cooks up quickly in a pie iron. 

If you’re looking for a more adventurous campfire cookie, then you can, of course, prepare cookie dough from scratch. However, we suggest you do this at home. You can prepare chocolate chip cookie dough the traditional way, using butter, flour, milk, sugar, and chocolate chips. Use plastic wrap or a ziplock bag, and bring it along camping!

Can I add extra toppings and ingredients? 

We’ve opted for a simple recipe, as simple recipes are perfect when you’re camping. If you’ve got space and time, though, you can bring along a few extra ingredients to liven the recipe up.

If you’ve got cooler, then you can always bring along some whipped cream or thick cream to top off the cookies, or you could melt a few marshmallows onto the cookies while they are cooking.

If you’re preparing your cookie dough from scratch, then you have even more options. Instead of chocolate chips, you can mix in any of your favorite chocolate bars, be it Oreos or M&Ms. 

If you’ve got a large cast-iron skillet, you could even try baking a giant cookie over the campfire instead of smaller pie iron sized cookies.  

What other campfire pie iron dessert recipes are there?

There are many delicious pie iron camping recipes you can try out, too, if you need a change from the camping cookies. The options are limitless- almost anyway!

Pie irons are perfect for cooking up snacks and desserts, including the famous mountain pie or campfire pie. For this recipe, you need two slices of bread and a sweet or savory filling of your choice. Simply place the bread and your filling (we like cherry pie or ham and cheese) into the pie iron and let it cook in the embers. 

That’s it for our camping cookies recipe!

Camping cookies are so easy to prepare, but they make for a fantastic campfire snack or camping dessert. With just a pie iron and a tube of cookie dough, you can quickly cook up a heap of chocolate chip cookies to enjoy around the campfire. 

Get the kids involved, help them learn a new outdoor skill, or make them all for yourself!

Why not save our camping cookie recipe for your next camping excursion? Find out for yourself just how amazing this recipe is!

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