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December 14, 2020 3 min read

The Mountain Pie is a classic camping snack that's guaranteed to fill you up and warm you up after a hard day of hiking in the backwoods. 

Mountain pies are simple, easy to make, and utterly delicious when you pair up the right ingredients. We like our mountain pie recipes to be sweet, so we've put together these campfire fruit pies recipe with all the cherries!

You'll need a roaring campfire, a pie iron, and as much cherry pie filling as you can fit in your cooler!


Mountain pie recipe FAQ

What is a mountain pie?

Mountain pies go by many names. In some parts of the country, they are known as camping pies. In other states, they'll be called hobo pies, campfire pies or campfire sandwiches. In addition to so many names, there are countless variations and recipes that you can try around the campfire.

Regardless of the name you give to this delectable camping snack, the concept is the same everywhere. You take two slices of buttered bread, add a sweet or savory filling, then place the sandwich into a pie iron before toasting in the embers of an open fire.

The heat cooks and melts your filling, while the pie iron shapes the sandwich into what you can only describe as a pie shape. Mountain pies are easy, but trust us, there's nothing better when you're out camping!

How long to cook mountain pie? 

How long you need to cook your mountain pie depends on the fillings you've got inside and how hot your fire is. For simple sandwiches, such as our cherry pie mountain pie, you'll only need a few minutes if your embers are red hot.

For more complicated sandwiches with multiple ingredients, you'll want to leave the mountain cooking for a few extra minutes. If you want melted cheese for your pie iron breakfast recipes, this is particularly important. 

You can ensure an even spread of heat by burying the pie iron in the embers. You can also heat the pie iron beforehand, but be careful when you're loading it up with your bread and fillings. 

How to season a pie iron?

Pie irons are often made of cast-iron, which means that you will need to keep them seasoned. A good layer of seasoning stops your food from sticking and stops the pie iron from rusting. A well-seasoned pie iron, however, can last for decades. 

You'll need to keep your pie iron seasoned just like any other piece of cast iron cooking equipment. That means giving it a light coating of vegetable oil and then baking the cast iron in the oven at around 375 degrees Fahrenheit. 

You don't need to re-season your cast iron pie iron after every camping trip, but it's good practice to give it a season once every few months. If you haven't used your pie iron for a few weeks, then you can give it a season before heading out camping. 

How to clean mountain pie irons?

Before you season the pie iron, you'll need to remember to give it a good clean. You'll want to wipe it down after every use and give it a longer clean once you get back from the camping trip (if it needs it). 

Start by wiping out any leftover food or butter using a cloth or a paper towel. If it's clean after this, then you can store the pie iron right away. If there's burnt food stuck to the pie iron, then you'll need to dip the pie iron into warm water. Let it soak, then scrape out any leftovers. 

Your next camping trip awaits!

With this recipe and these tips, we hope you'll be able to impress your fellow campers with this delicious dessert. That is, of course, if you still want to share after tasting it.

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