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April 14, 2021 5 min read

By reading the heading above, you may start to drool. Well, drool no further – instead, let's get baking a cast-iron skillet chocolate chip cookie (or three!)

Who doesn't love the devilishly-desirable combination of warm cookie dough and sweet chocolate scents wafting through the house? The smell alone will have people clamoring all over the kitchen table to have the first bite of that chocolate chip skillet cookie!

If you can imagine what cookie heaven is, well, this is it! A soft, chewy, and gooey chocolate chip cookie baked in a cast-iron skillet, perhaps topped with ice cream? You won't even need to roll or chill the dough. It's a super easy and quick dessert that everyone will love!

Also known as a pizookie (yes, you read that right!), the idea behind a chocolate chip skillet cookie is to combine a "pizza" with a "cookie." 

In this pizookie recipe, we'll examine a few tips and tricks to make that sweet treat even sweeter!

  • Ways to dress up your giant chocolate chip cookie with some winning toppings.
  • Adaptations to cast-iron skillet cookie recipes.
  • How to keep the dough to make more chocolate chip cookies.

Let's get cracking on this delicious cast iron cookie!


Chocolate Chip Skillet Cookie Dessert Recipes FAQ

Easy to make cookie skillet recipe? Yes!

This recipe may be the easiest chocolate chip skillet cookie recipe you have ever tried! No need to scoop out balls or roll out circular shapes, and no waiting on multiple batches. It's pretty much just one giant cookie, pressed into an oven-safe skillet and baked. Simple, but oh so good!

Is this chocolate chip cookie a crispy cookie or a chewy one?

The answer is both! The way this cookie bakes, especially in a cast-iron skillet, means that you will have the pleasure of devouring a cookie that is soft yet crispy. The outsides have this nice golden and crisp crunchiness, while the inside is soft with a helping of gooey chocolate to boot!

How do you serve a cast-iron skillet cookie?

Once you know how to make a skillet cookie, the only thing left to do is serve it and enjoy your share! Here are some ideas on serving a skillet chocolate chip cookie:

  • A cookie in a skillet makes an interesting dessert! Present your chocolate chip cookie in the cast-iron skillet and place it right on the table in front of everyone to dig in. Just make sure the pan first cooled down before you serve it!
  • Slice it up like a pizza and serve individual pieces to your guests. Top with ice cream, or sprinkle some brown sugar over.
  • Double up on the chocolate and make a chocolate sauce to dip your easy skillet cookie slices into!

Can I make adaptations to a skillet chocolate chip cookie?

The short answer is, of course! However, sticking to quantities for the actual dough is important. Beyond that? Have fun and create something unique that you and your guests will want another serving of. Here are some ideas:

  • Mini chocolate chip skillet cookie: Using a smaller skillet, you can create a mini version of this recipe. Depending on how small you go, you can make individual servings for each of your guests. These smaller versions use less time to bake, so keep an eye on the stove!
  • Substitute or vary the chips used: If you want to blend some flavors, substitute your chocolate chips for butterscotch chocolate chips, or use dark chocolate chips instead of milk chocolate chips.

If you want to create a burst of flavor, consider using chocolate chips with butterscotch chips. Or even vary the chips' size by using chunks of various sizes, or chips that are large and small. It will make for an interesting look and taste!

Here are a few more ideas:

  • Add nuts to the recipe or as a topping. Walnuts or pecans make great nut toppings!
  • Alter the dough: You can make it a chocolate cookie dough or add a scoop or two of peanut butter to the dough for a nutty cookie flavor.

By experimenting around with the dough and the chocolate, you can create your very own version of the skillet cast iron chocolate chip cookie.

No Time? Make Them Ahead of Time!

What if you've decided to make your skillet cookie dough, but plan on baking them at a later date? No worries! This dough can be made ahead of time and stored. Once the dough is made, you can place it in the refrigerator and keep it there for 1-2 days.

You can also freeze this dough. To make things easier, cut your dough into serving sizes first. Place your serving-sized portions of skillet chocolate chip cookie dough into an air-tight container. You can keep your dough frozen for up to 3 months.

Once the skillet cookie dough is removed from the freezer, let it defrost for about a day in the refrigerator before baking. The frozen dough can be baked right out of the freezer, but follow these steps to ensure a good bake:

  1. Preheat your oven to roughly 20 degrees lower than what the original recipe recommends.
  2. Remove your wedges of dough from the freezer and place them onto a baking sheet lined with parchment paper.
  3. Bake the wedges for roughly 2 - 5 mins longer than what the original recipe recommends. Or bake until it achieves that nice golden look but still has that soft and chewy looking texture in the middle.

But Are Skillet Cookies Healthy?

Well, not really, no. These cookies are indeed quite decadent, but indulging now and again to satisfy a sweet tooth is perfectly fine. With 400 calories, 56g carbohydrates, 5g of protein, 17g of fat, and 10g of saturated fat, one cookie won't hurt on occasion.

These cookies also have about 2 g of fiber, 207mg of sodium, and about 28g of sugar. The sugar content, however, depends on the types of chips you use. By using semi-sweet or sweet, or dark chocolate, you can reduce the sugar content slightly.

Final Note: Are There Any Left?

Yes, this recipe will be a show-stopper at family dinners (especially if everyone digs in for a piece right out of the skillet!). It has all the comforts and cravings a cookie can provide, but with less work to make it.

Whether you like yours served in the cast-iron skillet with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, dipped in sauce, or warm and toasty, fresh out of the oven, this cast-iron skillet dessert recipe is a winner!

Using cast-iron skillets is the perfect way to give this recipe the crunch of a crispy dessert with the chewy and gooey texture of a fresh cookie. Top it with vanilla ice cream, and sprinkle it with nuts or chocolate flakes – it will be a drool-worthy dessert!

When it comes to cast iron skillet recipes, you'll be amazed at how easy and satisfying baking in a cast-iron skillet is. These campfire nachos and cast iron pizza recipes are also worth trying. So get baking and maybe make some seconds!

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