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Cast Iron Wok with Silicon Lid

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The Uno Casa Cast Iron Wok is flat-bottomed and incorporates two ergonomically-designed handles. Featuring an adaptable glass lid lined with heat-resistant silicone, it can handle heat of up to 450°F so you can make any kind of delicious stir fry - from Lemon-Ginger Pork to Chicken Chow Mein - with ease and confidence.


Material: cast iron base

Capacity: 5.2 qt

Dimensions: 12.5 x 3.94 in

Item weight: 8 lbs

Includes: silicone lid and recipe e-book

There's actually very little that you can't cook in our Wok - the even temperature distribution, heat retention, and ergonomic design can handle anything from chunky cuts of meat to a delicate crepe. It's a true all-rounder and you'll wonder how you ever cooked without it!