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April 23, 2021 3 min read

We love making these simple corn tortilla tacos de adobada that remind us of the ones you find in every corner street stand in Mexico. Lightly spiced chiles and sweet, fresh pineapple add a spicy sweetness that's irresistible – try our recipe below to make these easy tacos at home!

Mexico boasts some pretty fantastic cultural discoveries: tequila, chocolate, and some of the best street food on the planet. 

One of the most famous Mexican street foods is tacos, of course, and these adobada tacos are some of our favorites! Spiced with mild guajillo and ancho chiles, even the tamest "gringo” won't burn their mouth for days eating these tacos. 

"Tacos de adobada" have a spiced pork base that's cooked while covered to keep all of the deliciously-spiced meat moist. We piled our pork shoulder high with bacon and pineapple to roast in the oven infused with salty-sweet flavor. 

From there, you simply slice the cooked stack thin and toss it into some fresh, pan-fried corn tortillas and your toppings of choice – we included fresh lime juice, cilantro, and white onion. 

Follow our simple recipe below to transport your home to the streets of Mexico for a fun, unique take on taco night!


Adobada Tacos Recipe - FAQ

What is adobada?

Adobada is a popular Mexican dish, referring to meat, typically pork, marinated in adobada seasoning – a sauce base with red chiles, oregano, and vinegar. The pork is then wrapped in aluminum foil or in a covered casserole dish to keep the meat moist; we chose to keep the moisture in our meat by stacking it along with juicy, fresh pineapple. 

In New Mexico, the pork is usually slightly fermented before it cooks – in place of fermentation, we capture that slightly sour tang with vinegar instead.

What's the difference between adobada vs. pastor?

Tacos al pastor are very similar to adobada, as they both contain pork with a very similar marinade. The big difference between the two lies in the preparation: adobada cooks covered, while al pastor pork cooks on a spit. The Lebanese brought Middle Eastern cooking techniques like shawarma to Mexico, making spit-cooking grow in popularity.

Are adobada tacos spicy?

Adobada is pretty mild on the spice scale, though the heat level varies based on the chile peppers' heat. Guajillo chiles have a Scoville rating of 2,500-5,000 SHU, slightly less than that of a jalapeno, which can be as high as 8,000 SHU. Guajillos are sweet, smoky, and tangy.

Ancho chiles are only 1,000-2,000 SHU, making them very light. 

Most people with mild spice tastes will still enjoy tacos de adobada, but if you want to ramp up the heat, add more chiles or a few drops of your favorite hot sauce to the adobada sauce base. 

What do adobada tacos taste like?

Adobada tacos taste rich, buttery, and perfectly charred. The sweet and mild spiciness of the marinated pork is offset well by its smokiness and the fresh lime and cilantro that top the tacos de adobada. 

If you want a bit of creamy coolness, add some chopped lettuce and sour cream or Mexican crema.

Is this recipe gluten-free?

If you're using an authentic corn tortilla with no wheat flour, these wraps are entirely gluten-free! You can also serve the meat and toppings on a bowl of steamed white or brown rice in place of a tortilla.

Final Notes & Storage Tips

This recipe makes a pretty big batch, perfect for a small dinner party, along with a taco holder for each guest. It's also a fantastic option for meal-prepping quick lunches for the week ahead. The meat doesn't even need to be warmed – simply assemble the taco in the morning, then pack and go!

If you end up with taco leftovers, they keep well in a sealed container in the fridge for up to 3 days. Any extra pork lasts well in the freezer for up to 3 months – they're still safe to eat after 3 months frozen, but the pork's texture begins to worsen the longer it's frozen. 

We hope you love making these delicious pork tacos as much as you're going to enjoy eating them!

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