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August 10, 2020 2 min read

There must be a million ways to make a taco, but there's nothing quite like the flavor of seared steak street tacos.

Classic steak tacos are well-known for combining the richness of perfectly grilled steak with the spicy kick of chimichurri. Add freshly made guacamole and cotija cheese and you will have the perfect Mexican street tacos everyone will love.

Here's how to make yummy flank steak tacos at home.



Are store-bought tortillas good for Mexican steak tacos?

Store-bought corn or flour tortillas are fine. However, for this steak tacos recipe, homemade flour tortillas are best. You can make it with a traditional taco press and then toast in an oven safe skillet for the perfect charred finish. You can even make a batch of tortillas and store unused ones in the freezer. This gives you a ready supply the next time you make tacos.

Is marinating the steak required?

Short answer: yes. Do not skip this step as this is what gives the meat its yummy flavor. You can marinate it for as short as an hour, but you can also put it in the fridge the night before, if you don't have much time on the day itself.

Note, however, that the meat shouldn't be left in the marinade for over eight hours as it will break down the meat.

What other toppings can be used for this steak taco recipe?

While simple toppings are great for steak tacos so you can really appreciate the meat flavor, you can also add other vegetables if you want to. Lettuce, olives, sour cream, mushrooms, tomatoes, and pico de gallo are good for toppings as well.

Can we use other cuts of beef?

Yes, of course you can. However, this Mexican steak tacos recipe recommends flank steak. It is leaner and once marinated, only takes 10 mins to cook. It's tender and juicy if you cook it right. However, you can also use rib eye, sirloin steak, or skirt steak for tacos.

Key Takeaways in Making Steak Tacos

Steak tacos recipes are a dime a dozen out there. However, this recipe is easy enough to do even on a weeknight. These tacos are also a guaranteed hit at any summer parties. You can serve it taco bar style and let your guests choose their own toppings, or serve them already prepared.

If you enjoyed making these, you will also enjoy our other tacos recipes. An option for vegetarians and vegans, for example, are our mushroom tacos and tofu tacos. Seafood lovers will also enjoy our tuna tacos, shrimp tacos, and blackened salmon tacos.

Whichever type of tacos you decide to serve your family and friends, make sure to prepare enough for second servings!

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