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June 10, 2020 3 min read

You've just got home from work. You're busy, you're tired, and you're hungry. What can you make? How about cooking up a delicious, quick, and easy shrimp stir fry? Our stir fry shrimp recipe takes just 15 minutes from start to finish, but we guarantee it's absolutely packed full of flavor, spice, and taste!

Take the hassle out of cooking with this recipe. All you need are shrimp, a few spices and veggies, and a dependable cast iron wokGather your ingredients, heat up your wok, and let's get this stir fry show on the road!

This quick and easy recipe will teach you how to make shrimp stir fry to impress everyone you know!


Shrimp stir fry FAQ

With your tasty shrimp stir fry ingredients ready to go, you might still have a few queries when it comes to the recipe. We've answered a few common questions in our short FAQ below.

Can you cook frozen shrimp in a wok?

The most common question that's asked when it comes to stir frying shrimp is, can you cook frozen shrimp in a wok?

The short answer is yes, shrimp can be cooked from frozen.

While you can let your shrimp thaw beforehand, or run them under warm water, you can just as quickly throw them straight into the wok and let the heat and oil do the work for you.

Frozen shrimp will take a little longer to cook in the wok, but the end result will be the same. The same applies to frozen stir fry vegetables. You can throw these straight into the bottom of the wok as well and cook them from frozen.

Cooking from frozen in a wok saves on time, but remember, fresher ingredients can hold much more taste!

How do you tell if shrimp are cooked?

It's important to know when your shrimp are cooked because eating undercooked shrimp can lead to food poisoning in extreme cases. If you are in doubt, then always cook your shrimp for longer. They are better overcooked than undercooked!

If your shrimp are cooked through, then the outside of the shrimp will be pink. The tails should be a brighter red, and the flesh will be white. The whiter the flesh, however, the more overcooked it is!

It takes some degree of trial and error to stir fry the perfect shrimp, as every chef has their own preferences and personal tastes.

Can I use more vegetables?

To make things quick and simple, we always suggest sticking to two to three main vegetables to go with your shrimp. More than this, and you'll run out of space in the wok and will start to complicate the recipe.

Don't feel like you have to stick to peppers and snow peas, although these are the two vegetables we have included in our shrimp stir fry recipe. We said this earlier, but you can use any vegetables you have in your fridge or freezer.

If you're using hard vegetables, like carrots or broccoli, you need to stir fry them for a little longer and expect them to be crunchy. Softer vegetables, like mushrooms, will take less cooking time when you stir fry them.

How do I make my shrimp stir fry spicier?

In the recipe above, we've suggested using sambal oelek, or another spicy equivalent in your sauce. For many, this spicy sauce is already spicy enough, but others might be craving a more fiery kick!

It's easy enough to spice up your stir fry. You can simply add in more of the sambal oelek, or you can chop up some chilis and stir fry them when you add in the rest of your vegetables to your wok.

If that isn't enough, feel free to garnish your completed shrimp stir fry with some spicy dipping sauces or chili sauces when you serve up the dish!

Our fantastic shrimp stir fry wok recipe is good to go in just 15 minutes. It's quick and easy, and the best part is being able to substitute in your favorite vegetables. Save this recipe for when you need a quick tasty meal!

Enjoyed this recipe? Check out for more cast iron wok recipes, such as vegetable pad thai, tofu stir fry, or chicken yakisoba!

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